Flight to Bali: from Moscow, St. Petersburg, with a connection in Shanghai

Flight to Bali: from Moscow, St. Petersburg, with a connection in Shanghai

Although Russia is quite far from warm Bali, this does not reduce the popularity of this destination. There are several ways to get to the island from different cities of the country. Which flights you choose will determine how long it takes to fly to Bali.

The easiest way to get there is to take a connecting flight with one airline. Then you can not be afraid of the time of transplants, as it will be enough. And the luggage will be immediately delivered to the island. Various global companies have such flights: Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Catay Pacific, Emirates and China Airlines.

Connecting tickets can cost a little less than regular tickets and are the most convenient way to travel. The listed airlines are distinguished by special comfort, except for Chinese ones. The latter may cost less, but they have a lower level of comfort.

How to get from Moscow to Bali

Since a direct flight to Bali from Moscow is almost impossible, only transit remains. The Russian Aeroflot also offers a connecting flight with a departure from Moscow and one transfer. The time of the entire flight is compressed as much as possible - no more than 17 hours.

Also, flights are operated by various Asian airlines: China Eastern, Korean Air, China Southern, Hong Kong Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Air China, JAL. A one-stop flight is also possible with the European carrier KLM, but it is with him that it will take the longest - almost 43 hours! For the rest of the listed options, the time varies from 17 to 40 hours.

The starting price of tickets is from 30,000 rubles to 350,000 rubles. The cheapest airline for this trip is China Eastern, but the most expensive and comfortable flight is offered by Arab Emirates. Other airlines of the world also offer a flight with several transfers: British Airlines, LOT, Air Berlin, Silkair, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Xiamen Airlines, Finnair, Air France, Etihad Airways, MIAT Mongolian Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Hainan Airlines, etc.

There is an option for charter flights. They are less comfortable and fly only from April to October, but they fly from Moscow directly to Bali, and the journey takes only 10-12 hours. This is very convenient, but at the same time risky: tickets for these flights open just 24 hours before departure, they cannot be booked or predicted.

This option is suitable for young people or travelers with experience without children, as it is quite difficult to sit all 12 hours on a plane. Due to the way tickets are sold, it is very difficult to plan travel dates.

How to get from St. Petersburg

A flight to Bali from St. Petersburg also requires transfers. The average flight time is about 14 hours. The most frequent cities for transfers are Moscow, Istanbul or Phuket, while the price of tickets is the same as when departing from Moscow. However, since recently, Aeroflot has been offering direct flights during the high season.

This is a little more expensive than taking connecting flights, but for experienced travelers or those who do not want to sit in foreign airports, the option is ideal. The plane will arrive at the only international airport on the island of Denpasar or Ngurah Rai, which is located 13 km from the capital of Bali itself.

It is easier and cheaper to plan a trip from Moscow than from St. Petersburg. The cheapest flights have connections in Asian cities, such as Bangkok or Hong Kong. With independent travel planning and a lot of luck, you can buy tickets for $450, but usually the average check is $680 for a round-trip route.

Transfer in Shanghai

Flying to Bali via Shanghai is another popular way to get around. From here, you can quickly and fairly cheaply get to Bali by low-cost. The aforementioned Chinese airline China Eastern offers a transfer here.

The cost of round-trip tickets for this carrier starts from 30,000 rubles. The flight is very convenient: it takes about 8 hours to fly from Moscow to Shanghai, then a few hours of transfer, and the flight to Denpasar will take another 5 hours. Please note: transfers can take up to 12 hours, which is difficult and expensive for any traveler. Russian tourists can stay in Shanghai for a day and explore it on their own or as part of an excursion.

Russians are allowed to stay in China for a day if they have a ticket for the next plane. But you need to accurately calculate the time for a walk and not make a mistake, as this huge metropolis has big problems with traffic jams. For the convenience of tourists, special buses run, the route of which passes through the most popular attractions.

Planning a trip to Bali should be approached responsibly. Different airlines often offer pleasant discounts, especially when booking tickets early. In this case, it will be possible to fly cheaply and comfortably.

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