Indonesia: Journey to the Dream

Those who live in a bustling city with a frantic pace of life, often willy-nilly there is a desire to relax in some nature reserve, a place untouched by civilization. And such a place really exists!

Indonesia can rightly be called a paradise place. You can understand how beautiful this wonderful archipelago separating the Pacific and the Indian Oceans is only after visiting it. It is difficult to describe in words all the splendor of local nature, you need to experience the light breeze, hear exotic birdsong and soothing noise of the surf, enjoy a walk through the fabulously beautiful forest and beautiful mountain views, explore the unique architectural monuments and customs of the indigenous people of this extraordinary region.

The resort area of the Indonesian Islands is represented by modern high-class hotels, but preserving the local color. You will be offered trips to the most interesting places, including Komodo Island with real dragons; Sumatra Island with its architectural masterpieces; Krakatoa volcano crater. And Indonesian cuisine is simply beyond praise!

Indonesia: Journey to the Dream The animal and plant life of the archipelago amazes with the diversity of its land dwellers and ocean dwellers!

You will get acquainted with the centuries-old culture of Indonesia, where reality is still inseparable from myths and legends. Colorful architecture, customs and traditions of the population of the archipelago, extraordinary dances and music make this country truly magical.

Of course, vacation in Indonesia - not a cheap pleasure, but the high price is fully justified. Those extraordinary impressions of the trip and the sea of pleasure will forever remain in your memories.

In Indonesia, everyone can choose a vacation spot to their liking and organize a dream trip.

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