Holidays in Bali

Holidays in BaliA large number of tourists prefer to vacation in Indonesia and many choose the island of Bali. Most Russians believe that a vacation in Bali is very expensive. In fact, more money is spent on the trip itself, and food and accommodation will cost a small amount. The experience is absolutely free! Tourists like the tropical exotic and simplified visa regime.

November is the beginning of summer in Bali, and February is considered the hottest month. The southern part of the island, where there are white sandy beaches, is washed by the Indian Ocean. The northern part of the island is surrounded by the Bali Sea. The beaches have dark volcanic sand.

The variety of resorts in Bali will not leave any tourist indifferent. You can enjoy fish cuisine at the resort of Jimbaran. In Ubud, get acquainted with Balinese art and visit museums. You can take up water sports on the resort of Sanur. For learning how to surf at the resort of Kuta. A huge number of clubs and discos with bars attract young people to this resort. The resort of Nusa Dua is famous for the most luxurious hotels in all of Indonesia. In Tajung Benoa, there is a physiotherapy resort, Telasso Bali, which overlooks the ocean. The island is rich with various SPA complexes, which provide various rejuvenating, therapeutic and recovery procedures. Divers in Bali can dive to shipwrecks and shark habitats. Lovers of underwater photography will love the bright and rich underwater world.

Holidays in BaliMany people call the island the Island of the Gods. Religious temples and ancient shrines are all Balinese culture. If you wish to visit such places, it is advisable to be accompanied by a guide who will tell the history of the temple or shrine. In Bali, there are local Russian-speaking guides who will tell not only the history, but also tales and legends.

The Balinese are very kind and hospitable, but you must follow certain rules of conduct so as not to offend the locals. It is forbidden to serve or receive from the left hand, to sunbathe in the nude. It is forbidden to appear in the temple if there is bleeding of any origin. One should not sit in front of the person praying or above the priest. Knowing the rules of conduct will save you from unpleasant situations. New Year's Day or day of silence in Bali is celebrated every spring on the night of the new moon. All movements on the streets on this day are prohibited, all roads are closed, the ports and the airport do not work. No lights are switched on and all residents, including tourists, must be as quiet as possible for 24 hours.

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