Europe's Best Cinemas to Visit

Europe's Best Cinemas to Visit

European cities surprise not only with architectural sights, rich history and unique atmosphere, but also unique cinemas. The cinemas do not leave any tourist indifferent. Film screenings, take place in architectural masterpieces, open areas with amazing scenery, as well as in the most popular corners of European countries.

Odeon Leicester Square - one of the most famous cinemas in all of Europe is located in London. It was opened back in 1937. The cinema is famous for showing world premieres, as well as holding ceremonies. A long-standing tradition is the "Royal Séance", which is attended by members of the ruling family or the monarch himself.

Cine Thisio - an open-air cinema in Athens. One of the oldest places for showing movies was opened in 1935. The uniqueness of the chosen place is the stunning view of the Acropolis and the Parthenon. The best time to visit is in the late evening.

Pathe Tuschinski - an architectural landmark in Amsterdam. In 1921 the building was built for the theater by a Polish entrepreneur. The modern theater has preserved elements of the interiors and exterior appearance of the 1920s.

Odeon in Florence, Italy, is housed in an ancient fifteenth-century stone structure. The interior of the cinema is decorated with real Renaissance sculptures. The interior is striking in its grandeur. One of the favorite places of tourists and locals.

Europe's Best Cinemas to Visit

Colosseum Kino in Oslo is one of the largest cinemas in Northern Europe. The halls are distinguished by the best acoustics. The architectural solution in the form of a huge domed roof stands out against the background of the Norwegian capital.

Cenetica in the Spanish capital, Madrid, offers its guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of documentary cinema. The cinema's archive is stocked with 7,000 tapes. Sala Azcona hall will impress any tourist - walls and ceiling sparkle like the sky in the stars. The unique design is created thanks to LED tubes.

Hot Tub Cinema in London will delight fans of unusual surroundings. Cinema sessions are held in the Jacuzzi for the audience. Cinephiles enjoy the movie, relaxing in the water against a magnificent view of London. All visitors are treated to champagne.

Urania National Film Theatre - one of the most beautiful cinemas in Hungary. The hall is made in Gothic style with elements of oriental morale. In the cinema you can enjoy the film festivals of other countries.

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