Muang Boran Park - interesting places and costs to visit

Many tourists who love Thailand consider Muang Boran the best place in Bangkok. It is also called Anxien City or Asient Siam. If you have free time, do not go to the well-trodden tourist routes.

It's better to take a couple of hours to explore the park, and you'll have a much better experience. Better yet, stop at this picturesque park for a day or two to get to know it better, and then you'll see it in all its glory.

History and general information

This is the largest open-air museum on the planet. Its territory is about 320 hectares. There are 120 structures erected in the park. Muang Boran certainly deserves to be visited when you are in Thailand. However, the park Muang Boran is so huge that to get around it on your own in a day is simply unreal.

Therefore, there are bicycle stations in the park where you can rent two-wheeled vehicles or golf carts. The price of renting a bicycle is included in the ticket price. A two-seater golf cart costs 200 baht per hour and a four-seater costs 300 baht per hour. If you don't have enough time, you can go around the whole park in 3-4 hours.

Muang Boran means "Ancient City" in the local language, but that doesn't mean there are any ancient ruins. This park was erected in the 20th century and is a small replica of Thailand. On its territory are exact replicas of all sorts of cultural, architectural, and historical landmarks of Thailand. If you look at the park from a bird's eye view, it accurately resembles the outline of Thailand. This, too, has been thought out by the architects.

The project is designed by architects who design typical projects, including the Temple of Truth in Pattaya.

The park was erected by a local millionaire in order to preserve all the cultural heritage of Thailand in its original form. The Thais believe that Muang Boran will help the younger generation understand how majestic their homeland is.

Interesting places

Anthropological Museum, located in a group of farmsteads in the center of Muang Boran. Unique exhibits with thousands of years of history there are collected from all over Thailand. Seven gardens located in the park abound with tropical plants, gorgeous waterfalls and statues. This is truly a place of paradise.

A menagerie of exotic birds, elephants, and deer that live in open-air aviaries. Families with small children will love this place.

Hokham is a gilded hall with statues and monuments made of bronze ceramics, mother-of-pearl, and carved wood. The bronze depiction of 70 episodes from the life of Buddha himself deserves special attention. Here are also collected exact copies of historical buildings of Thailand, which were once ruthlessly demolished.

Visiting hours and prices

The park is open every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The ticket price will be 250 baht for kids and 500 baht for adults. At the entrance you will be given a map to help you navigate the huge park.

If you get a desire to eat, you can find a cozy cafe in the park, prices start at 50 baht.

How to get there

There are tuk-tuk, cab, and bus services to the park. The price of a tuk-tuk and cab ride will range from 250 to 600 baht. Here it all depends on what part of Bangkok you will be leaving from. It is better to take the BTS subway to On Nut station and from there take a cab, it will be cheaper.

Park on a map of Bangkok

The bus ride is much cheaper - only 18 baht. The number of the bus to the park is 511 Pinklao - Paknam. When taking the bus, show the conductor or driver a leaflet with the name of the park (Muang Boran) on it. At the hotel reception they will write it in Thai or English.

From Pattaya to the park can only be reached by cab. The cost will be about 1,500 baht.

Additional Information

The park's exact address is 96/1 Sukhumvit Road, Bangpoo, Samut Prakan 10280
You can ask all your questions by calling 0-2709-1644-8.
Coordinates: 13.539284, 100.622962

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