The Island of Crete - ancient history and modern comfort

There are few islands in Russia, and no islands where it is warm and you can rest comfortably. That is why the Mediterranean islands are attractive to Russian tourists. It does not take long to fly there, the service is European, and the services are not too expensive.

The Greek island of Crete offers its tourists excellent accommodation and recreation. In addition, the history of this island is several thousand years old. People inhabited this island a long time ago. Remains of the ancient Minoan culture can still be seen today. The well preserved cities and palaces of that era: Knossos, Amnissos, Aptera, Grunia, Malia, Phaestos - there is a lot to see and admire. There are also monuments of Arab culture on the island. The Arab fortress of Handakos is located on the territory of Heraklion, the modern capital of the island.

There are well preserved later monuments: Koules, Spinalonga, Fortezza (Venetian fortresses), many palaces and fountains built by the Italians. The main religion of Crete is Christianity, which has spread on the island since the early Middle Ages. Therefore, Crete has many Christian churches, both very old and more modern.

The island of Crete is a tourist destination. In addition to excursions, all kinds of services and entertainment are available to holidaymakers. Luxury five-star hotels and hotels for all budgets, swimming pools, salons, beauty parlors, gyms, sports fields. Everything is made for the convenience of tourists, and everything works for them.

The Island of Crete - ancient history and modern comfort You can also entertain yourself at the hotels, which provide the opportunity to attend concerts, dinners with Greek cuisine, bars, festivals and restaurants. During the day tourists visit the beautiful sandy beaches. The sea around the island is famous for the cleanest water, into which no industrial waste has been discharged since ancient times. On the coast, vacationers have the opportunity to engage in many types of water activities.

There are many excursions and mini-trips for all tastes. These include sightseeing of cultural monuments, hiking in Samaria Canyon, horseback riding, jeep tours of the surrounding villages with tasting of local wines and rakija, and boat trips around the island of Crete.

The nature of the island is very beautiful, and in any trip tourists have the opportunity to admire the magnificent scenery and amazing nature.

A trip to the island of Crete will allow you to have a good rest and get an unforgettable experience of the vacation.

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