Family vacations in Greece

Despite all the economic problems Greece always welcomes tourists coming here for vacation. Ancient traditions and coloring make Greece attractive and attract more and more holidaymakers. Greece is one of the oldest state, so here you can not only relax on the beautiful beaches, but also visit the monuments of ancient architecture. Go to family vacation in Greece - It's a pleasure.

Greece does not end with architectural monuments. Greece is a country with excellent cuisine, which will suit the most demanding connoisseur of delicious food. In numerous restaurants and cafes you can taste a variety of fish and meat dishes and a lot of vegetables. The most popular dish among tourists is a simple village salad, seasoned with sheep's feta cheese. And most importantly - Greece is the birthplace of the god of wine - Dionysus, so you are always offered to try a glass of excellent wine, which the Greeks make by ancient recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Family vacations in Greece Due to the mild subtropical climate, the temperature in Greece in summer stays within twenty-eight degrees Celsius. The peak season is from the second half of May to October. The capital of Greece is Athens, which with the local Riviera Greeks call Attica. Athens is home to many philosophers, thinkers and great mathematicians of antiquity. The most famous attractions of Athens are certainly Plaka, the Acropolis, and Argolida. Most tourists choosing a family vacation in Greece spend several days in Athens, because in just one day it is impossible to fully enjoy this city, its beauty and historical monuments.

One of the most attractive places in Greece is the Peloponnese. In terms of popularity among tourists it is not inferior to Acropolis. Only here the ruins of ancient temples are in harmony with the beautiful dense groves, and the sea here, according to the Greeks themselves, is the bluest. The most popular region of Peloponnese among the tourists is the resort of Corinthia. The small villages that are near Corinthia are also popular with tourists. Each year, more than one million tourists visit Greece, which is certainly less than in pre-crisis times, but Greek tour operators are not discouraged, because the economy is improving, and the flow of tourists is increasing.

The Greeks themselves believe that they have already seen everything in their country, so they prefer to rest in the most beautiful part of Greece - Argolida.

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