The Greek city of Parga - resort and historical monument in one person

The Greek city of Parga - resort and historical monument in one person

Holidays in Parga

If you, like most tourists visiting Greece, dream of bringing home real olive oil, you should visit the Greek resort of Parga. One of its attractions is the Museum of Olives and Olive Oil. And if there is anywhere to learn more about this national product, it is here. Now, before bringing back olive oil from Greece, tourists can learn its history and see with their own eyes the first mechanical oil mill, which appeared in this city.

In the olden days, the city often passed from one ruler to another. There were French authorities, then the city came under the protection of the Turkish Empire. And only a hundred years later, Parga finally gained its independence.

What else attracts tourists to the city?

The Greek city of Parga - resort and historical monument in one person

The city of Parga is famous not only for its oil museum. It was founded in the thirteenth century and has now become a picturesque resort with beautiful mountain peaks and a gentle clear sea. There are some ancient buildings such as the Venetian castle and the Muslim Quarter. The ferry takes you to the nearby islands and for the tourists who come here by plane is very convenient: 60 km from the town is the airport of Preveza Action.

The streets of Parga are paved with stone, and the castle hill offers beautiful views of the seascapes and the nearby island of Panagia. Most of the houses in the old town have no more than three stories. Covered with tiles and equipped with wooden balconies, they are interspersed with local stores and ancient churches. There are taverns and bars and picturesque chapels.

The seashore of Parga is a favorite vacation spot for visitors. You can not only swim here - there is:

- snorkeling near the castle and islands;

- windsurfing and parasailing;

- water skiing.

The stores along the coast sell souvenirs and Greek cosmetics. From here you will take away not only the beautiful Greek olive oil, but also a lot of pleasant experiences.

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