What can you bring from Greece

Greece is a country of heroes and gods, covered with myths and legends. Every person dreams at least once in his life to visit there. This country is home to many ancient philosophers and thinkers. As a souvenir you can bring from Greece a bust of Aristotle, Socrates and others.

Since ancient times, Greeks have had a passion for wine and have learned to make it to perfection. The warm climate of Greece is conducive to the cultivation of the best grapes, from which the magical wine - the drink of the gods - is made. Bring home a few bottles of this wine, thanks to the large selection. If you're going on an excursion to Santarini, look for locally produced wines. For lovers of spirits - Metaxa cognac, for the sophisticated - olive oil from Greece, about which we'll talk further.

Strangely enough, in this hot country they make and sell very high quality furs, and they cost much less than in the CIS countries. For this product try to go to the city of Kastoria. For several centuries, Greek craftsmen have dressed the most famous royalty of Europe and the world in furs.

What can you bring from Greece One of the most popular souvenirs you take back from sultry Greece is Greek olive oil. There is a lot of oil there: in the market, in supermarkets, in souvenir stores, and simply, at every step. The most valuable is the first cold-pressed olive oil. It is sold necessarily in metal jars. On the basis of waste oil production made local perfume - soap, cream. They are sold in souvenir shops and supermarkets. Since the perfumes are made on the basis of olive oil, the effect of its use is amazing, the skin becomes soft and elastic.

There is a constant demand for ceramic souvenirs: plates, amphorae, wine goblets, alabaster, plaster and marble figurines, red and black vases. It is impossible to list everything, they all imitate the exhibits of archaeological museums. Sometimes ceramics are artificially "aged", which gives them an antique look.

It is very good as a souvenir to bring friends and family Greek honey. There are many variations of it on sale. This honey, packed in jars, is always in high demand, as well as olive oil from Greece.

The shoes look great on the feet and can be complemented by a handbag in the same style as the one you buy there. This footwear looks great on the foot, the ensemble can be complemented by a handbag in the same style, bought here.

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