Islands of Greece - a sea of pleasure

Holidays in the Greek islands of the Mediterranean will give you an extraordinary experience. There are ancient monuments, extremely beautiful nature, gentle salty sea and picturesque beaches in cozy bays. Tourists are waiting for modern hotels, a lot of entertainment and a lot of fun.

Zakynthos Island

It is an island of extraordinary beauty, immersed in the greenery of the forests. Homer and the Greek poet Dionysius Solomonas wrote about this place, many Venetian painters depicted it in their paintings. Here in the Bay of Shipwrecks is the amazing Navajo beach, which can be accessed only by water. The National Marine Reserve has another notable beach, Geracas, which is home to sea turtles. The Askos Stone Reserve is home to rare plants and many species of animals.

Zakynthos has many architectural sights and museums. You can relax and taste the local cuisine in the many tavernas and restaurants. It is a great place for cooking with olive oil, which is made on the island.

Corfu Island

This northernmost island of the archipelago offers vacationers a variety of beach activities. The west coast is perfect for diving, the south has sandy beaches, and the north has many picturesque coves where you can relax away from the noise of the city, alone with nature and the sea.

The island of Corfu tells the ancient Greek legends of the ancient god of the seas Poseidon.

Antique monuments are juxtaposed here with military structures of more recent times, temples and cathedrals with new hotels.


This southernmost island is the most famous tourist destination. Crete has a lot of interesting historical monuments, including the palace of Knossos, where according to legends the Minotaur labyrinth was located. During a boat trip you can see the volcano Santorini, with its black beaches.

Local "rustic" cuisine can amaze even gourmets, and numerous entertainment activities will take care of both adults and young tourists.

Islands of Greece - a sea of pleasure Kos Island

This little island gives its visitors a great experience. It can be crossed by bicycle in just one day. In the capital of Kos, under an old plane tree, the famous Hippocrates took the oath of a doctor from his disciples. Nearby there is a medieval fortress and an archaeological park.

A unique attraction of Kos is a forest of peacocks. These birds are not afraid of people, you can feed them and take pictures. In the neighborhood of the peacocks live a lot of cats, which are "friends" with the birds.

Journey through the Greek "archipelago of pleasures" will long warm with its unforgettable impressions.

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