Holidays in Greece

Greece is a country that always welcomes visitors and tourists to its territory, despite its economic difficulties. Greece has a special place among tourists because of its centuries-old traditions and special, local color. It is one of the oldest states on the planet.

If you want to see the great sights of antiquity, buy a tour to Greece. During the tour you will visit the most ancient monuments, such as Hellas, Athens, the amazing islands of Rhodes and Crete.

Greece is also famous for its excellent cuisine. The most sophisticated gourmets and simply connoisseurs of delicious food will appreciate the local dishes including fish, meat, various vegetables and, of course, olives, what can be without them in Greece? Sheep cheese Feta is one of the main dishes on the menu of local cafes and restaurants. Wine lovers will not be left out, either. Greece produces magical wines that are made according to ancient recipes.

Attica is the name given to Greece by the locals. Athens is the capital of Greece, the birthplace of many famous philosophers and mathematicians. Acropolis, Plaka, Argolida are the must-see places for all tourists, which cannot be seen in a few hours.

Holidays in Greece Near the Acropolis lies the unique island of Peloponnese, where numerous monuments and ancient structures have been adjacent for more than a thousand years. It is on the island that all the beauty of the sea, which shimmers from blue to blue shades, can be seen. Corinthia is one of the most famous areas of the Peloponnese, where there are summer resorts, but there are also small villages located nearby. Every year the flow of tourists increases and now amounts to several million people a year, despite the crisis.

Greece is particularly beloved because of the quiet subtropical climate. The air temperature in summer here reaches a mark of +28 degrees. The tourist season is open from late May to October.

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