Bang Por Beach on Koh Samui

Bang Por Beach on Koh Samui

Situated in the northwest of Koh Samui, Bang Por is the perfect place for a peaceful and secluded vacation. Many tourists do not even know about its existence because of its remoteness from the main infrastructures.

Bang Po is a relatively small beach, which is more than 2 km long and 20 meters wide. Unlike other parts of Samui, there are no crowds of tourists. They just do not know about the existence of the beach. Most of the vacationers settle next to the hotels. While most of the coast remains free and is great for swimming and sunbathing alone.

Structure of the beach

Bang Po beach in the west borders with Ban Tai, which is also compactly located away from the hustle and bustle of Samui. One part of the beach is covered with fine, white sand, and the other is strewn with large boulders. At the bottom of the sea you can find fragments of dead coral.


Bang Po begins at Laem Yai Cave in the north and ends 2 km before Laem Na Cave. These 2 km between Laem Na and Bang Po are considered to be the territory of the latter, but actually belong to the beach of Ban Tai. As proof, you will see the name Ban Tai on all local addresses on Samui Island.

The best time to swim on Bang Po is in the morning hours, before low tide. Waves here are not constant and appear only during bad weather and strong winds.

In the fall and winter, the water is much larger, and the beach itself is more attractive: it becomes somewhat deeper, and the coral strips are 10-20 meters further away. In summer, however, swimming on the beach is not comfortable because of the frequent tides.

The coastline offers stunning views of the neighboring island of Phangan and Anthong National Marine Park.

Thanks to the purity and transparency of the sea, you can see many species of fish. This place is one of the best places for fishing in Samui. The only downside is the trash, which there is no one to clean up. Most of the trash is old palm branches and seaweed thrown on land. Personally, it doesn't bother us much!

Hotels and homes for rent

On Bang Po there is not a lot of beautiful and fancy hotels. Here everything looks much simpler, and even the cafes are mostly built in the Thai style.

bang po hotels

All hotels on Bang Po are located on the beachfront. Inexpensive accommodation options for 400-500 baht (11-14$) here, alas, can not find. It is worth noting that you should take care of accommodation on this beach in advance.

Popular hotels:

  • Mimosa Resort & Spa, where a night costs from 110$;
  • Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui, with rates starting from 245$ per night;
  • Mai Samui Beach Resort & Spa offers rooms priced from 185$ per night.
  • Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui is a luxury, five-star hotel surrounded by tropical gardens. A night in a 1-bedroom villa will cost from 920$.

These prestigious hotels offer tourists high service and a wide range of services. Cheaper accommodation is offered in the eastern part of Samui. These are beautiful bungalows, located just a few steps from the sea:

By Beach Resort, a standard bungalow that costs from 30$ per night.

King Busch Reggae Beach, where a night will cost tourists from 45$ per night.

Bangpo Village offers upgraded bungalows priced from 60$ per night.

If you want, you can also rent a private house. However, this should be done well in advance, because during the season they are almost always occupied by large families.

bang on houses for rent

The undemanding tourist, for whom the lack of its own pool and green area will not be a cause for distress, can rent a modest one-bedroom apartment with internet for 7,000 baht (195$) per month.

Infrastructure and Entertainment

The infrastructure on Bang Po Beach is not very developed, especially in the western part of the beach. In the eastern part, however, there are several restaurants and cafes for tourists, including the only children's restaurant with a good playground and soft furnishings, as well as stores and massage parlors.

bang on

There are no major shopping malls or nightlife in this part of Samui. For this reason, the beach will not appeal to lovers of outdoor activities. Learn more about grocery and jewelry stores, large supermarkets, shopping malls, and grocery markets in this article: Shopping on Koh Samui.

You can visit:

  • Wat Sisu Wanna Ram Buddhist Temple
  • Zen Painting Exhibition
  • Mountain Viewpoint Bang Por

Necessary equipment for a comfortable beach holiday presented in the form of sun loungers, which are located on private property hotels, or public beach. Rent a deck chair or beach umbrella by yourself will not work. But there are palm trees and deciduous trees everywhere, so you can organize your beach leisure, having only one mat.

How to get there

The undeniable advantage of Bang Po is its close proximity to Natong, where all the ferries arrive. From Samui you can get to Bang Po in just 12 minutes on a sungteo that goes to Chaweng Noi. It is necessary to warn the driver in advance that you need to get off at Bang Po, and it is advisable to name your hotel, as the coast is quite long.

The fare from Natong to Pang Bo ranges from 40 to 50 baht (1-1.5$). You can also take a cab to the island from the airport. It will take approximately 25-30 minutes.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of this beautiful island can be called that in some parts is very close to the ring road, so vacationers have to hear the constant roar of motorcycles and cars.

Bang Po on Koh Samui is a great alternative to the popular Maenam Beach, which is always very crowded and noisy. The beach will certainly be appreciated by holidaymakers who are not interested in shopping and partying, but complete peace and harmony with nature.

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