Samui Butterfly Garden and Insect Museum

Samui Butterfly Garden and Insect Museum

The island of Samui, besides the clean beaches, beautiful waterfalls has such an attraction as a colorful and unique in its own garden of butterflies.

The indoor tropical butterfly garden is located on the southeast side of Koh Samui, on a low hillside overlooking Lamai Beach, next door to the Samui Aquarium, opposite the central resort. It is a tropical nature spot where hundreds of butterflies flutter.

In front of the entrance to the grounds is a small gym belonging to a nearby hotel. There is also a room behind glass for buying tickets and nature souvenirs, such as a dried spider or scorpion for 10$.To get into the "home of the moths", you must go through the unusual "doors". So that the butterflies do not fly out of the "house", on a stick attached metal heavy chains. They serve as an entrance for tourists and block the flight of insects. The park area is fenced on all sides of the netting, which serves to hold the butterflies. There are 25 species of butterflies in the park, but only a few can actually be seen.

There are quite a few interesting and picturesque places in the garden. However, in order to get to them, you need to use the steps, because the garden is located on a mountainside. Therefore, you should wear sports clothes and comfortable shoes to go to the park. Butterfly Garden Attractions in Samui:

  1. A variety of flora: ornamental flowers and shrubs;
  2. Artificial waterfalls;
  3. Picturesque Rivers;
  4. Designer huge boulders.

A lot of cozy gazebos and viewing platforms allow the traveler to relax while admiring the Gulf of Thailand. From these places it is convenient to take pictures of butterflies flitting among the plants. Inside the garden there are several shops and stalls where you can buy paintings made from natural materials using dried insects, and delicious honey. There you can also see different stages of the evolution of butterflies.

In the park there is also a beehive house built in Thai style. You can see how bees live and work, how they produce honey. On the territory of the tropical park is an entomological museum, where you can learn a lot of informative things about different types of insects of rare species found both in Thailand and around the world.

The staff of the butterfly garden is friendly and helpful. The caretakers speak English and like to chat with visitors, telling them about their "pets". The staff at the tropical park help visitors get a closer look at the butterflies. With their help, you can see not only the colors, but also the amazing patterns on the fragile wings of the insects.

How to get there

It is difficult to find the garden immediately, and drive from the main road, relatively not very close by Samui standards. There is no public transportation along this route. You can get here by rental car on the navigator (the easiest way), or by cab at a price of about 300-400 baht, depending on where you are coming from.

The address is: Na Mueang, Ko Samui, Surat Thani 84140, Thailand
Coordinates: 9.423111, 100.012017

Time and cost of attendance

The butterfly garden can be visited from 8:30 to 17:30. Adult ticket, according to the latest information, costs 200 baht, children - 100 baht. It is preferable to come to this park in the morning, immediately after opening, or after 16.00. It is not so hot at that time.

It is advisable to take water and snacks. You can also buy all this at the stall, but with a surcharge. The garden tour lasts about two hours. By the way, within walking distance of the butterfly garden is the Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo, you can see the sea creatures and tiger show.

In addition, in the same area near the Samui Orchid Resort 3 *, there is a shallow beach, ideal for holidays with children.

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