Samui Restaurants - The Best Restaurants on the Island

Samui Restaurants - The Best Restaurants on the Island

Samui's restaurants range in size from simple family-run joints with plastic furniture to places that aspire to a certain amount of Samui pomp with gorgeous sea views, big menus, and immodest prices.

Most restaurants offer traditional Thai food, consisting mainly of seafood. Some establishments serve European meat dishes. There are even places where you can eat traditional Slavic borscht and other dishes of Eastern European cuisine. Let's consider the most interesting and useful of them.

Tree Tops

Anantara Lawana's restaurant on the north end of Chaweng Beach is a must for those who love the extraordinary. It is a must-visit for those who love anything unusual and extraordinary. Tree Tops are eight tables set up on specially designed terraces about 8 meters above the ground in the treetops. Guests are completely safe: the terraces stand on sturdy piles, are covered with thatched roofs, and the stairs to the top are quite gentle.

samui three top

The menu includes meat steaks and Thai seafood dishes. The restaurant has a good wine list. As the place is unique in its own way, it makes sense to reserve a table with a terrace in advance.

  • Open from 6:00 p.m. The kitchen closes at 11:00 p.m.


The restaurant is located at The Wharf Samui Shopping Center in Bophut on the north coast of the island. This cozy place once won the Samui restaurant of the year award for best restaurant on Samui. The chef, an ethnic German, works on the trend of fusing Asian and European cuisine. The result is very tasty.

The Wharf Samui

The prices are not the most modest, but the dishes are worth it. Marinated salmon tartare with sour cream sauce - 295 baht. Sea bass fillet with Provencal vegetables and beans - 620 baht. Tuna with fried pineapple, Thai asparagus and wasabi - 605 baht. Very good local wine is served.

  • Open 18:00-23:00, except Sundays.

The Cliff

One of the famous restaurants in Samui. Located on Lamai Beach, on a rocky hill, because of which the institution got its speaking name. The view from the terrace is wonderful, which is why the place is loved by tourists.


The cuisine is Mediterranean with Asian inclusions: a lot of seafood, portions are big in European way. The best wines from Europe. The place isn't cheap: the average bill is 1200 baht per person. The atmosphere is appropriate.

  • Open 12:00-01:00. The kitchen closes at 22:00.

Made in Italy

A restaurant of Italian cuisine located on Chaweng Beach. On the menu: salad with real buffalo milk mozzarella and tomatoes, dressed, of course, with olive oil, minestrone soup with fresh vegetables, roasted beef tenderloin with gorgonzola sauce, roasted potatoes and fresh vegetables. Everything else is also exquisite and delicious. The interior is done in oriental style which adds extravagance to the atmosphere of the place.

  • Open from 1 p.m.

The Boudoir

An unusual name for the restaurant - Boudoir - will prompt an inquisitive tourist that French cuisine is waiting for him: an excellent choice of cheeses and meat dishes, foie gras, seafood.

The restaurant is owned by natives of France, who have very successfully combined the French content with the oriental form.

The interior will appeal to those who are close to Eastern aesthetics. The room is decorated with silks and satin fabrics, a sea of cushions, and seating is low. The establishment is located near Maenam Beach, next to the local post office on Ring Rd.

  • Open from 6 p.m., except on Mondays.

Kob Thai

In our review of Samui restaurants, we cannot ignore the establishments with purely Thai cuisine, which is a must-try for anyone who is partial to food. Kob Thai is one of these places, which stands out from the others with its French management and Thai chef, who create a wonderful symbiosis of oriental content and European approach to business organization.


Crab curries, spicy salads, unusual Thai desserts (e.g., mango and rice) are all extremely tasty, but can be a bit spicy. Kob Thai is an outdoor restaurant: tables, some under cane canopies, stand around a small and shallow pool. It will be shallow for adult visitors, but for children - just enough to swim, while the adults are having dinner conversations. The price level is reasonable. The restaurant is located in the area of Lamai Beach, 600 meters from the shore: Soi Haad Lamai 3.

  • Open from 10:00 to 23:00.

Eastern European cuisine establishments

In Thailand have settled immigrants from different countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that in this country, including Samui, you can find restaurants, run by Russian-speaking hosts. Accordingly, and dishes they cook "our": salads with herring, borsch, cutlets with potatoes, pancakes, etc. You can also find such exotic products for Thailand as cottage cheese, kefir, kvass, and berry morsels.

One of these places - "Samovar" - is located on Chaweng Beach, opposite the First Residence hotel. . You can have lunch here for 300-500 baht per person. Another institution on the same beach is the Arbat Bakery Café. In addition to the main dishes, there is a wide range of pastries, desserts, rye bread. You can have lunch in the cafe itself or order pastries for a certain time. A business lunch will cost 200 baht. An a la carte lunch of salad, soup, hot food and a drink will cost 500 baht.

One of the most affordable places to eat on Lamai Beach is Cucumbers. The menu is about the same as in other cafes with Eastern European cuisine: borsch, salads, meatballs with mashed potatoes, porridges. Only in Pickles everything is twice cheaper. Lunch will cost 250 baht per person.

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