Koh Samui - infrastructure, recreation and entertainment

Koh Samui - infrastructure, recreation and entertainment

Самуи (Koh Samui) – занимает вторую позицию по величине среди островов Тайланда — площадью 228,7 км². По форме напоминает прямоугольник со сторонами 21 и 25 км. Остров находится примерно в 35 км от материкового города Сураттхани и в 700 км от Бангкока.


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Koh Samui is surrounded by 60 islands, many of which are uninhabited. Rocks, virgin impenetrable jungle in the middle of the territory, banana and coconut groves where monkeys work, luxurious white-sand beaches, clear water, silence and solitude - this is Samui Island.

The island began to become famous as a tourist destination in the 1970s. The hippies, who were attracted by the beautiful secluded beaches and the exotic uniqueness of the local landscapes, became its pioneering tourists.

A little later, the island was loved by backpackers from all over the world. All this contributed to the development of infrastructure, which in turn led to an increase in the flow of tourists to the island began to arrive and organized travelers to Thailand.

To date, Samui can offer tourists 10 landscaped beaches, and an equal number of pristine beaches remain untouched. In total, the island has about 30 beaches.

You will be delighted by the clear azure waters of the South China Sea. The entire beach area is separated from the island ring road by developments of hotels, stores, bars and other establishments. The island has an airport, known for its uniqueness - it is built of palm trees, which were cut down to equip the runway. All the benefits of civilization are concentrated in the coastal areas of Koh Samui.

How to get there

Самый быстрый вариант – самолёт. Прямого регулярного сообщения со странами СНГ здесь нет, выполняются только чартерные рейсы. Поэтому нашим туристам приходится летать с пересадками. Пересадку можно сделать в Бангкоке, на Пхукете, а также в Пенанге, Сингапуре, Куала-Лумпуре и Гонконге. Стоимость билетов в среднем составляет 3000-5000 бат и может достигать 7000 бат в одну сторону из Бангкока.

Добраться из аэропорта острова Самуи в отель можно на микроавтобусах (минивэнах), они отправляются по заполнению. Цены — в зависимости от расстояния – от 100 до 200 бат. Такси обойдётся до отдалённых пляжей около 600 бат за машину.

It is worth knowing that cab drivers here do not include meters, so bargain, negotiating a fixed fee.

Samui cab

Pre-booking a transfer is another option. For those who like to travel independently, there is an option of renting a car or motorized vehicle. About prices, rental companies and rental conditions, read the article about car rental in Samui.

A cheap but tedious way is by bus. There are bus routes from any city in Thailand to Koh Samui. Passengers have to travel the distance to the cargo pier of the city, and then another hour and a half by ferry to the island of Samui. It is possible to get on the passenger ferry on your own.

Most of the piers are located in Chumpon, Surat Thani, as well as on Ko Tao and Pangan.

Большинство паромов прибывают в главный город Ко Самуи – Натон. Грузовой пирс находится чуть дальше к югу от Натона. На пирсе дежурят сонгтео, цена проезда – 60 бат. Есть также такси и кондиционированные минивэны. Цена проезда в последних составляет 150 бат.

Nathon Pier on the map

At the north end, according to the map of Samui, there is Big Buddha Pier, where the ferries arrive from Pangan. Here, too, there are suntseo, but they go only to Chaweng and the airport, the price is 100 baht (3$). If necessary, you can take a cab. There is no public transport from Lipa Noi Pier, from here you can get to the beach only by cab.


There are no problems with transportation and getting around on the island if you are close to the ring road. Here, there are always sunteos, minivans, tuk-tuks, motorcycle cabs, air-conditioned cabs, or rented vehicles. But the transport system is less developed than in Phuket or Pattaya. You'll have to wait 10-15 minutes for a Songteo.

  • The most economical mode of transport is the sunteo 50-60 baht (1.5-1.7$).
  • The price for an air-conditioned cab is from 300 baht (9$) even if you need to go to a nearby beach.
  • A ride in the back of a motorcycle cab costs from 30 baht (1$) for 1-2 kilometers.
  • The minivans transport tourist excursions and also take passengers to hotels from the airport and from the pier located in the capital of Koh Samui, Naton.
  • Rent a motorcycle will cost you 150-300 baht (4-9$) per day, and the car from 800 baht (24$).
  • Популярный вид транспорта – велосипед, его аренда  50-70 бат (1.5-1.8$) за сутки. Самое широкое предложение по прокату транспорта — в Натоне, Ламайе и Чавенге.

The road system here is a circuitous road, which begins in the capital of the island and runs along all the beaches. There are also branches that lead to hotels and beach infrastructure.

Roads in Samui

If you do not plan to lie on one beach the whole vacation, then a very good option is to rent a car. The roads here are flat and without serpentines, and the traffic is not intense. In addition, the territory of the island is not large, and the infrastructure is very clear.


The beach areas are spread out all around the perimeter of the island. The beaches here are different: both in terms of infrastructure, and in terms of tourists, and in terms of the variety of activities on offer. The sand on the beaches can be coarse or resemble a white powder. They also vary in landscape: somewhere flat area, and somewhere rocky.

Samui beach

The most developed infrastructure has the most popular Koh Samui beach Chaweng. There are many bars, stores, markets, restaurants, entertainment venues, massage parlors, hotels.

Chaweng Beach

Less developed infrastructure on Lamai beach. Typical daytime activities on these beaches: water skiing, banana, jet skis, paragliders.

The rest of the beaches offer a quieter and more distant from civilization. There are only a few small restaurants, bars, mini - markets and hotels. Well, of course the sea, sun, sand and palm trees - everything is exactly as on the advertising photos of Samui.

Restaurant on Koh Samui

In the capital of Samui tourists rarely stay, because it is not very convenient beach.

Read more about Samui's beaches


In addition to the above attractions, vacation in Samui involves hiking in the jungle, marine excursions, in particular in the National Marine Sanctuary Ang Tong. The famous movie "The Beach" was filmed here, so tourists try to capture the memorable landscapes on video.

Visits to zoos and plantations, where monkeys are the main workforce, are also popular. Visits to nearby uninhabited islands for diving and snorkeling, as well as visits to local attractions, are also possible.

Experienced travelers recommend visiting the local Aquarium, ride elephants, go to Namuang Waterfalls.

Shopping lovers will also be pleasantly surprised. Although there are no shopping giants like in Bangkok or Pattaya, but the choice of goods is wide enough and the prices are lower. It is worth navigating in the location of markets, stores and shopping centers, after studying the map of Samui.

Наиболее популярные места для шопинга: Central Festival, Tesco Lotus,  Big C, Makro,  Khun Chaweng Shopping Centre. На каком бы пляже вы не остановились, магазины 7 Eleven и Family Mart будут в шаговой доступности.

Read an article about shopping in Koh Samui

Night entertainment programs are not as diverse and rich as in Bangkok or Pattaya, but supporters of the nightlife has a place to spend time. Most of the institutions are located in Chaweng, these are restaurants and discos, and popular among tourists tranny shows.


The main attractions of Samui - natural, but there are also man-made objects, attracting tourists.

  • The Big Buddha, a 12-meter tall statue of a deity meant to protect the island, is located on the tiny island of Faan, which is connected to Samui by a causeway.
  • Wat Khunaram is located in the south of the island, near Lamai Beach. Here in a glass sarcophagus is placed the mummy of the former abbot of the temple, who died in 1973.
  • Wat Plai Laem is located in the northeast of the island, near Bophut Beach. This is the largest and most beautiful temple complex on Koh Samui.
  • The Magic Buddha Garden was created over 20 years by a local gardener. The sculptures of deities and a variety of buildings were skillfully integrated into the beautiful lush vegetation.
  • The Butterfly Garden and Museum of Insects are located near the local Oceanarium.
  • The Tiger Zoo is located just behind the Samui Aquarium. In the zoo you can feed the small animals from a bottle. Tourists do not leave here without a photo and video.
  • Paradise Park Farm is located at the top of the highest mountain on the island. It contains tame both wild and domestic animals and birds. They enjoy interacting with tourists.
  • At the crocodile farm near the airport, crocodile artists perform twice a day.
  • The Monkey Theater is located near Boput Beach. Good mood and funny video shooting are guaranteed.


There are no problems with accommodation on Koh Samui, too. Here you will find a hotel for any purse, because there are more than 1000. If you are tempted by luxury apartments with private pool, be prepared to put 40000-60000 baht (1175-1765$), per month. You can rent a more modest bungalow for 15000-25000 baht (450-740$) per month.

Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani, Thailand

For budget travelers in the port village of Chaweng can rent a room with a minimum of amenities for 200-300 baht (6-9$) per day. It is also possible to set up a tent on the island.

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