Klong Prao - Koh Chang's longest beach

Klong Prao - Koh Chang's longest beach

Chang Island gets a lot of positive feedback from people who have been there. Klong Prao Beach deserves special attention.

It is the longest on the island and at least one of the most popular among both budget backpackers and those vacationers who come here on package tours.

Features of Klong Prao Beach

The coastline in this place of the island is cut by two rivers, so Klong Prao - is not a continuous beach, as is usually the case, but consisting of several sectors. There are three in total, and since the shore stretches from north to south, it is customary to divide them into north, central and south.


There is no civilized crossing from the northern to the central part. The river is about 60 meters wide at this point. Of course, you can cross it, but only if you are completely light. After the tide, the river is crossed by wading, but it is still not very convenient, because the water even then reaches the chest. There is a footbridge between the central and southern parts, which are also separated by water.

The northern part of the beach is almost deserted, although there are a couple of hotels. The central part is the most developed in terms of tourism: there are many hotel complexes, there are stores, places to eat, and even a bank branch. In the southern part, the sand edge is quite small, and coconut palms come right up to the water.

The peculiarity of Klong Prao beach is its remoteness from the road and, accordingly, from important places for any vacationer (stores and other). The distance between the road and the beach - about a kilometer. This whole area is occupied by a coconut grove with trampled by people and ridden bikes paths. So the path is not difficult, and in the case of walking it is even useful. An important detail is that the northern part of the beach is closer to the highway than the central and southern parts.

What to do?

In general, the beach Klong Prao - ideal for families with children. It is quiet enough, not crowded. The sea is shallow near the shore, so that in order to swim an adult will need to go 100 meters. For children - very comfortable: sand, no dangerous stones, corals and all kinds of sea creatures, the water is warm, there are no waves. The only drawback - in March and April there are a lot of jellyfish, but it is not something unique to Chang.

originalplazhi klong prao

If we talk about such a major attraction as a beach holiday, it is necessary to pay attention to the tides of the sea. During the day, the sea is close - this is how the shore of Klong Prao appears in many photos: an amazingly beautiful ivory sand edge with palm trees here and there.

However, closer in the evening, after four or five hours, the sea "crawls away" a hundred meters, exposing quite unsightly bottom. But even in this you can find an advantage: there is an option to collect crabs, shells and other artifacts of the seabed.

klong prao

There are not many options for entertainment on the beach and they are all fairly standard:

  • swimming and sunbathing;
  • walks along the coast, which has a length of more than 3 km;
  • kayaking - as an alternative to passive beach vacation.

The advantage of Klong Prao is the possibility of seclusion: in the northern and central part you can be the only people in sight.

Of the additional possible activities available to vacationers:

  • massage services;
  • dash;
  • visits to elephant villages, elephant rides;
  • diving training at the school and practice diving to depth.

There are travel agencies on the county road where you can buy sightseeing tours of the island.

What to see?

In the evenings there is a lot to see in the southern part of the beach: fire shows, live music, performances. But by nightfall, active life dies down, which again characterizes the beach as a place suitable for families with children.

klong plu

At the northern end of the beach, you can go to see the Klong Plu waterfall. This is best done from May to November, when it is most full and majestic.

On the beach there is also the possibility of a small cultural and ethnographic program. You should not miss the beautiful outside and active inside temple Wat Klong Prao.

Stores, restaurants and cafes

As noted above, all the infrastructure tourists need is at a distance from the beach - along the Chang County Road. There are no large shopping centers, but there is a Tesco Express and several 7/11, where you can buy everything you need. On the main road (near the south end of the beach) there is also a larger supermarket Sing Thong, which sells European products, as well as household goods.

stores cafes restaurants

Across the street from Tesco Express is a large non-food store called Red. Here you can buy clothes, dishes and even nails.

There is a market not far from the beach - next to Sing Thong supermarket, opposite Wat Klong Prao temple. In the same area is Crust Bacery with always fresh bread and other baked goods.

At the southern end of the beach is recommended to visit the souvenir store and at the same time Eco Gecko coffee shop.

Klong Prao Restaurants

Catering facilities are represented by numerous restaurants and cafes. Seafood dishes make up the bulk of the menu. Some of the places to eat include Jae Eiw Seafood, Iyara, Phu Talay, Kati Culinary, Yummy Hut, Country Restaurant, JuJu, Baan Captain.


On the coastline of Klong Prao is located more than a dozen hotel complexes. Accommodation is offered in individual cottages or, as they are called, bungalows, scattered in the shade of palm trees or directly on the shore.

klong prao deva

There are both 3 to 4-star hotels and very budget hotels with shared facilities located on the street.

Among the first can be listed:

  • The Dewa;
  • Sofia Garden;
  • Klong Prao;
  • Panviman;
  • Barali Beach;
  • Centara Koh Chang Tropicana.


Budget gesthouses with wooden houses on stilts:

  • Tiger Hut;
  • K.P. Huts.

Accommodation in the latter will cost from $5 to $30 per night.

How to get there

Klong Prao is a famous central beach located on the west coast of Chang Island. It takes no more than 30 minutes to get from the pier by tuk-tuk, which are waiting for those arriving at the pier.

The standard fare to the main road that runs parallel to the beach is 70 baht. But the driver can always be arranged to drive directly to the hotel, for an additional fee.

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