Journey to Goa

In recent years, the tourist "Mecca" of India is Goa, which has opened up to the masses of tourists thanks to numerous charter flights. Vacationers fly here to admire the exotic scenery, extremely beautiful sunsets, swim in the gentle ocean and enjoy the local cuisine. For people who are here for the first time, and choosing to travel to Goa, it is not easy to navigate the area and determine where to go and what to see in Goa. What is a must-see in Goa?


The amazing village of Arambol, which is located in North Goa, is well known to fans of exotic holidays. The combination of amazing beauty of scenery and quite good infrastructure is the main advantage of this place. Lovers of pristine natural beauty are recommended to admire the famous banyan tree. After a trip through the tropical jungle, the beauty of Sweet Lake (freshwater lake) will be a real pleasure.

Paradise Beach

When visiting this beach during a trip to Goa, beauty lovers are advised to get to the very end of it. At the edge of the beach there is a not very large bay, which is a delight with sky-blue transparent water. Once here, you feel like you are in paradise. Paradise Beach is advised to go on weekdays, on weekends it is too crowded.

Fort Chapora

The ruins of the fort are quite unremarkable, but you should visit this place to admire the sunset, because the contemplation of this natural phenomenon is considered a cult for this place. When the red-hot globe of the sun goes below the horizon, you begin to think that you have not lived your life in vain.

Journey to Goa Temples and churches

To get acquainted with the architectural monuments should visit Old Goa. Here still remain, inherited from the reign of the Portuguese, classic Catholic churches and Hindu temples. The rules for visiting such churches and temples are that shorts and T-shirts are not allowed.

Markets and bazaars

You can buy local souvenirs and curiosities for yourself and your friends at various points in Goa. It is interesting to visit the Saturday night market Night Market in Arpora, Fish Market in Chapora. Sold clothes, dishes, food, jewelry, souvenirs will delight tourists with ridiculous prices and national colors. All markets can be haggled over.

You can go on a trip to Goa at any time of year and fully enjoy the exotic tropical paradise.

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