Holidays in Kerala

The state of Kerala in India is sometimes also considered "the land of gods. According to legends, the god of all things, Vishnu, lies on a serpent here. This state is also called the "Venice of India" because of the numerous canals and "the land of magic, surf and spice". In Kerala is so beautiful, warm and comfortable, and really start to believe suddenly that you've got in "earthly paradise".

It was to Kerala that Christopher Columbus sailed, but only later, about 500 years ago, civilized Europe learned about this wonderful country, thanks to the traveler Vasco da Gama. But the Arab merchants knew Kerala even before Christ was born. Back in those early days, they exported fragrant spices from here.

Kerala is a mix of multinational traditions and many cultures of antiquity. Here you can see the nets of Chinese fishermen and paintings of our compatriot artist Roerich, Jewish synagogues and Dutch palaces, Portuguese fortresses and Syrian churches. And, of course, numerous Indian temples at the foot of snowy blue mountains, plantations of various spices, coconut palms and gentle waves of the Indian Ocean.

Kerala is the most educated, most environmentally friendly and most livable state in India. Surprisingly for the Russian tourist, here you can often see portraits of Lenin and Marx, as well as images of sickle and hammer on the facades of buildings. In bookstores there are many books in Russian, mostly classics.

Holidays in Kerala Kerala is also famous for its methods of healing the body - ayuverdic massage. "Ayuverda" means "the science of perfect health and life" in Sanskrit. Since ancient times, this science has had knowledge about the human body, diseases, diagnosis and treatments. Much of this knowledge has now been lost. Today Ayuverdic procedures include hand and foot massages with oils and herbs, steam baths with medicinal herbs, fruit and herbal face masks, stress relief through meditations and yoga elements. All of these things help to rejuvenate the body, tone the skin and just feel good and leave a feeling of lightness and happiness.

When you visit magical Kerala, you will feel the serenity of nature, the gentle sea breeze, touch the ancient culture of India, try exotic ayuverdic massage and beauty treatments and have a wonderful rest.

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