A mysterious country - India

India is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious, amazing and original countries in the world! Its extraordinary beauty takes your breath away, and tourists from all over the world return from India with the best and brightest impressions. And the memories of this beautiful country remain in the hearts of vacationers forever.

India - a country of unusually bright colors in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Natives in extremely bright and colorful national costumes, fabulous - beautiful girls, authentic culture, intoxicating smell of spices and rare spices remain in the memories for the rest of life.

You only need to come here once, and further life is sure to change for the better. Famous healers and Indian yogis will help in this. India is not a poor country, although you can't call it rich. It is a country where countless riches and complete poverty, enlightened tranquility and universal chaos, reality and fiction are firmly intertwined. Most tourists come to this country for entertainment, but many come to India to immerse themselves in a world of sanctity, tranquility and purity. Some deep down in their hearts they want to know themselves. Undoubtedly, this extraordinary country is able to radically change not only the mind of an ordinary person, but also his view of the world around him.

A mysterious country - India India is famous not only for its unique culture, but also for its climate. This country is divided into several climatic zones. While the west of the country is a desert, in the south there are lush tropical forests, and in the northern part of India you can even see glaciers. Therefore, you can catch all kinds of weather in the country, as well as see hot summers and cold winters.

The multitude of traditions and the diversity of customs only make India better. Its highlight is the variety of holidays, most of which have a religious basis. According to official data, twenty-four languages are spoken in India, but unofficial statistics indicate more than 3.5 thousand languages and dialects. However, English, Telugu, and Hindi are the main ones that are understood by all.

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