The most interesting sights of St. Petersburg

Drawbridges of St. Petersburg

There are so many sights in St. Petersburg that you can’t see them in a day, but, fortunately, among them are the most popular, bright and significant sights of the city, which everyone should definitely visit when visiting the city.

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Peter-Pavel's Fortress

This attraction is the historical center of St. Petersburg, it was with him that the construction of this great city began. It is interesting that not once in its entire history of existence, the current attraction has never been used for its intended purpose.

Peter-Pavel's Fortress

Great Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg

Petersburg is also filled with those sights that were built by decree of historical figures such as Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Peter the Great. Catherine II and others. As you might guess, the Catherine Palace was built by the decree of the ruler herself and it was planned as a complex of premises for monarchs and rulers, which was constantly expanded and replenished.

A couple of hundred years ago, this attraction was called the Tsarskoye Selo Palace due to the fact that only monarchs lived there. In the 18th century, the expansion of the palace began, which was carried out under the guidance of the then-famous architect Rastelli and by decree of the famous ruler Elizabeth.

Palace Square

This attraction is a great option for lovers of walking and is the main square of St. Petersburg. There is also such a beautiful place of interest, which is known throughout the country as the Winter Palace. The main square, which is also considered the main attraction, is located in the center of the city, in the same place where all the most beautiful, interesting and worth visiting and great attention sights are collected.

It is much larger than many main squares in other Russian cities. For example, Moscow's main square is almost twice as large as St. Petersburg's, to say nothing of other cities. Like many sights of St. Petersburg, Palace Square differs from the gray mass of squares in other cities with its sophistication and beauty in the smallest details. The buildings on the palace square are built and decorated with taste. According to the greatest architects and designers, all the buildings on the square have a perfectly regular geometric shape and are perfectly combined with each other.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Like many cathedrals, temples or churches, St. Isaac's Cathedral is both a functioning cathedral and an ornament of the city. Like any attraction, the cathedral is richly decorated outside and inside, it looks incredibly attractive and not too flashy against the backdrop of the city itself and its other attractions.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Bronze Horseman

This majestic attraction is located on the Senate Square in St. Petersburg and is dedicated to the founder of St. Petersburg - Perth the Great. This monument appeared during the time of Catherine II at her own request. Catherine wanted to perpetuate the image of Peter in this landmark as majestically as possible, on horseback and with a scepter.

After reading this article, anyone who has visited one of the most cultural cities in Russia will certainly know which attraction to visit.

State Hermitage

The list of sights of St. Petersburg is replenished with another cultural attraction - the museum. This list cannot but include this museum, because it is rightfully considered one of the most outstanding collections of fine art in the world. This museum is often equated with the Louvre in Paris and the great Vatican Museums. The collection of museum exhibits includes more than 3 million paintings and figurines.

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