The most beautiful places of Montenegro

In this article we will look at the most beautiful places in Montenegro, which are worth seeing.

Budva - the younger sister of Dubrovnik

Budva is often called "Dubrovnik in miniature". And all this thanks to the famous medieval old town. Budva is in fact the tourism capital of Montenegro. Budva is full of bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels. In the evening it abounds with life, in the daytime it is filled with peace and stuns with its beauty.

It is worth seeing the citadel, located on the south side of Budva. And also the Church of Santa Maria in Punta and two churches - St. Sovi and St. Trinity. Trinity. There are also beaches in Budva. The beach Slovenska, pebble beach Jazz and sandy Trsteno are waiting for you.

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Citadel in Budva2. Durmitor - a jewel in the UNESCO list

A must on the tourist map of Montenegro. Durmitor is the highest and most famous massif in the northern part of the country. In 1952, a national park was established in the mountains, which is part of the deepest gorge of the Tara River in Europe (it reaches a depth of 1300 meters)!

The tourist center of Durmitor is Zabljak. This small town owes its name to the loud croaking frogs, which liked the nearby stream. In the evenings the whole valley is filled with the "music of frogs". It is also worth visiting the Black Lake in Durmitor, where you can go for a walk. The reservoir can be bypassed by a 3-kilometer trail. From this place opens up an amazing view of the surrounding peaks.

DurmitorCharming medieval Kotor, ancient Risan and Perast, which are considered the architectural pearls of Montenegro. They are all located in the Bay of Kotor. The amazing landscape of the bay, along with the neighboring villages, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

4. Lake Skadar - the treasure of the Balkans

The largest lake in the Balkans. It is the pride of the two countries - the reservoir belongs 62 percent to Montenegro and 32 percent to Albania. This charming reservoir consists of about 50 islets, on which the remains of medieval fortresses and monasteries have been found.

There is a route near the southern shore of the reservoir, which is recognized as one of the most picturesque in Montenegro. A visit to this region should be combined with a short trip to the city of Shkoder, located in Albania.

Skadar Lake5. Sveti Stefan - "island of stars"

Formerly a fishing village, now an exclusive resort complex located on a small peninsula. Sveti Stefan (or St. Stefan Island) is the most elegant site in the Balkans. And rightly so! The island is beautiful with its winding streets, terraces, squares and distinctive stone houses with red roofs. Medieval buildings and the turquoise sea surrounding the defensive walls create landscapes like a postcard of paradise.

Sveti Stefan is often referred to as "the island of stars". Because the most famous people from the world of cinema and sports rested here. Among others are Marilyn Monroe, Claudia Schiffer and Ingemar Stenmark.

Sveti Stefan6. Ulcinj - where West meets East

The city of Ulcinj is two thousand years old. It is considered one of the oldest cities on the Adriatic coast. Over the centuries, Western and Eastern cultures have met here, which can be found and felt in the atmosphere and culture that has developed here. A great impression is made in the historic old town, stretching deep into the sea. According to local legends, Ulcinj was once the capital of pirates.

The biggest attraction of the town are the beaches - Velika plaza, or sandy, 13-kilometer "big beach", Mala plaza near the old town and Valdanos - pebble beach, located among the olive groves.


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