At what sea is better to rest?

Everyone meets the sea for the first time. The vast, endless expanses, the splashing water, the romantic sunsets, the marvelous beaches, the scorching sun. Many questions arise: "which sea is the best to go to, which sea is cleaner, where do the animals live, etc.?"

At what sea is better to rest?

1. The Black Sea. It is also called the hydrogen sulfide sea.

Almost 90 % of the Black Sea water is lifeless. In the waters of the Black Sea deeper than 150 meters there is no oxygen at all, there are bacteria that release hydrogen sulfide. But how does oxygen get there? Through the surface. But it sinks to the bottom very slowly. Sometimes it takes hundreds of years before it reaches the bottom. The black sea was called black by sailors when they dropped an anchor into the water and it turned black because of the hydrogen sulfide.

At what sea is better to rest?

2. Red Sea. Very warm and salty.

This sea is the warmest on the planet. Even in February the water temperature is about +20 degrees, in August it's almost +30 degrees. Here is also the highest evaporation. More than three meters of water evaporates in a year! Next to the sea is the Sahara Desert. Not a single river flows into it. The Red Sea is extremely salty (41.5 ppm, which is quite high).

3. The Mediterranean Sea. Crystal clear and transparent.

The clearest water on the planet is at the Weddell Sea (shores of Antarctica). An object that descends to 80 meters is visible. The next transparent sea can be considered the Mediterranean Sea. At a depth of more than 50 meters an object can be seen.

At what sea is better to rest?

4. The Baltic Sea. It is also called "golden".

The highest content of gold has been established here. There are 5 times more noble metals in the waters of the Baltic Sea than in the Black Sea. There is a lot of gold in the world's oceans: about 4-10 mg/t, in the Caribbean Sea the indicator rises to 15-18 mg/t. If you add up all the gold of the seas, you get from 5-7 to 10-20 million tons.

At what sea is better to rest?

5. Dead Sea.

This sea holds a lot of salt and various minerals. For comparison, a liter of ocean water has 30 grams of salt, and the Dead Sea water has 300 grams. The atmospheric pressure is quite high here - 800 mm Hg (the norm is 747). The air here is very clean, there are no harmful substances, as there are no industrial plants in the vicinity. Also, the atmosphere here contains iodine, bromine, magnesium and other useful elements.

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