Tourism for tennis fans

Tourism for tennis fans Tourism for tennis fans

People who love travel and sports can combine their hobbies. Visit international competitions (e.g. see real tennis at the Wimbledon tournament), play on the hotel court, train abroad. What vacation options are available? Where to go?

1. Some tennis schools organize trips to foreign training grounds. Athletes - beginners and professionals - live in Italy, Serbia, Spain, play and improve their skills.

There is a tennis club in the Serbian city of Novi Sad. Meridian Academy, to which it belongs, accepts groups of beginners and experienced athletes from 4 to 18 years old for accommodation and training. The minimum duration of the tour is 14 days, the participants must be more than 10 (the presence of a coach is obligatory).

2. Travel agencies offer corporate tennis tours. Their peculiarity is the availability of a free court in the hotel. You can play for free, for additional services (training, lighting at night) you have to pay. Such trips unite the team. If work issues are solved during the trip, sports recreation is especially relevant: it helps to distract and recover.

3. Travel to competitions is popular: the Australian, French, U.S. Open, the Wimbledon tournament. A person has the opportunity to enjoy the game and have a good rest: meet new people, walk around, learn the traditions of the country. It is advisable to buy a ticket in advance.

4. Sometimes competitions are organized specifically for tourists. Not staged games, but real, with the participation of famous athletes. The organizers invite the tennis players, giving the winner a portion of the money raised through ticket sales. If a person dreams of seeing a particular athlete, this is a great opportunity to realize the desire.

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