Tour number one: Top 10 cities to visit

Tour number one: Top 10 cities to visit

You can argue what cities are better to visit and where you can rest more civilized and come back with an unforgettable experience. Perhaps the ten listed cities - will give a thought to a person who has not decided where to go to rest.

First and foremost is London. After all kinds of entertainment, of course, you should leave time to see the main sights - the Tower, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Tate Galleries. This is a city of contrasts, so you can feel the spirit of different eras, thanks to the variety of architectural styles. A must-see is of course Paris, which boasts the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre. You can also look at the Bastille Square and visit the Champs Elysees.

Tour number one: Top 10 cities to visit

Barcelona, too, can be counted among these cities. Here you can see the Corrida in the amphitheater or marvel at the singing fountains. Rome and Vienna are ancient cities, with centuries of history. In the former you can see the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain, the Flavius Amphitheatre, while in the latter you can see the Belvedere Palace, Schoenbrunn, Stefansdom or visit the Vienna State Opera House "Staatsoper". Budapest can discover the Parliament Building, one of the largest government buildings in the world, while in Berlin you can see the remains of the Berlin Wall or the Reistag.

Also, of course, Athens and Istanbul are a must-see. And you can finish the tour with Dubrovnik, with its red roofs and relaxing on the coast.

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