Tips for vacationers in Andorra

Tips for vacationers in Andorra

Many tourists visit Andorra every year. But few of them are familiar with its culture and laws, so a few good tips will help each visitor to get only a pleasant impression of the visit to this attractive place.

First of all, coming to rest in Andorra, each tourist must understand the payment for services that are provided in the hotels of the country. Particular attention should be paid to waiters and porters, because these people accompany foreigners in these institutions. It will never be superfluous to leave them a little tip for their assistance.

In this country you should not fear too much for their safety, as Andorra has no reputation as a criminal place.

The people of Andorra cherish their religion. They are adherents of Catholicism. Here one cannot find a single institution that would humiliate the moral dignity of a person. The distribution of pornography and the demonstration of immoral behavior in the streets are unacceptable in the country.

All hotels are similar to each other and do not differ in class, but that does not mean that all hotels are equally bad. On the contrary! Not without this, by the way, holidays in Andorra are so attractive to tourists. The eating places here do not serve hot meals at the morning meal. Each hotel has its own small restaurant and sports area.

Now, as for the necessary documents to enter the country. First of all, a tourist needs to get a Schengen visa. You can buy it in many embassies. To get a visa, a person is required to fill out a number of forms, provide a photo and a photocopy of a foreign passport. To get to Andorra is possible without a visa, but such stay must be limited to three months, no more. As a rule, such a restriction is intended for troublemakers in a foreign country.

In the settlement plan in Andorra are in euro bills. When buying / selling you can use any denomination, from the minimum to the maximum. Each tourist will find out about the additional moments of the exchange of euros in the country from the consultants of the European national banks.

Tips for vacationers in Andorra

Any tourist should familiarize himself with the schedule of European banks in Andorra. This will help him avoid a lot of trouble when making exchange and shopping.

As a rule, many banks in this country begin their work at nine in the morning and end at five in the afternoon. There may also be a two-hour lunch break.

In order to exchange banknotes, you need to go to specialized bank branches. By the way, do not count on the fact that this procedure can be done in the hotel. Most of them do not provide currency exchange.

A certain amount of tax will be included in any currency exchange transaction. Therefore, it is not recommended to perform the procedure for small bills more than once. This way you can easily overpay for the service.

Those tourists who take a credit card with them abroad can not worry about currency exchange. Many stores and supermarkets in the country accept dollars for payment.

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