Your vacation in Bratislava

Bratislava is the capital of the amazing mountainous country of Slovakia. This small city is full of a variety of monuments and ancient architectural structures. Those who have visited Bratislava, forever have unforgettable impressions and only good memories.

Your vacation in Bratislava

For visitors to the capital, we have compiled the necessary information about the sights and other important trivia to make it easier to navigate the place.

Schengen visa

First of all, to come to Slovakia, you need to get a visa to enter the Schengen area. Get it is easy enough, namely to fill out a special application form on the website of the consulate, indicating a convenient time for you to visit the embassy and come to hand over the documents. The visa costs 35 euros.

You need to know that.

First of all, know that Slovaks are very friendly and nice people.

You do not have to worry about communication, because many people speak Russian, German and English, and the Slovak speech itself is similar to the Ukrainian. The phrases "Diacuem", "Good day", "Prosimo", "Dovidennia" are understandable without translation, but the word "Shukati" (in Ukrainian it means "To seek") is better not to use, because here it is considered a swear word.

Well developed public transport. The bus fare is 70 cents (40-50 rubles). The cab is up to 5 euros. If you want to go to Vienna, you can easily get there for 20 euros by train or 40 euros by car.

Bratislava hotels

Your vacation in Bratislava

Coming to any country or city, you will need to check into a hotel. Prices for accommodation per day in Bratislava range from 30 to 170 euros / 2000 to 12000 rubles per person (cost depending on the level of the hotel). Danubia Gate, Austria Trend Hotel and NH Bratislava Gate are especially popular among Russians.


Your vacation in Bratislava

There is indeed a lot to see - the castle with four towers Bratislava Castle, the largest church St. Martin's House, the ancient Danube bridges. Be sure to visit Grassalkovich Palace, walk to the ancient trade road on Michalska Street and much more, which is simply impossible to describe with words.

Where to eat?

The food in Bratislava is very tasty and homemade. Here they make a rather unusual for us dish - moldy fried cheese and traditional potato dumplings. We recommend restaurants Prasna Basta (near Mirbach Palace), Albrecht and Grand Cru Wine Gallery near St. Martin's House.

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