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Everyone who visits Thailand must visit Vimanmek (Vimanmek Royal Palace). It is a unique estate built for the family of King Chulalongkorn or Rama the Fifth in the early twentieth century.

Rama V lived in Europe for some time, where he was fascinated by the architecture of the buildings, so when he returned home to Thailand, he decided to build not just an ordinary Oriental palace, but a beautiful building with towering spires that would inspire poets and artists.

What makes Wimanmek distinctive is that it is one of the few large buildings made from a rare species of teak wood. The structure, built in the Victorian style, carries a serene serenity and gives the impression of a truly royal residence.


It is not for nothing that the name of the palace means "Castle in the Clouds" in Thai. An interesting fact of the construction of the manor is that the building was built without nails, the parts of the structure are fastened to each other with wooden bars.

After the completion of construction and the opening of some 80 beautiful rooms, Rama the Fifth lived in the Vimanmek Palace with his family. The main rooms included royal chambers, apartments for receptions and concerts, and living quarters for guests. Five years later, the king moved to another royal residence, Ampon Satan, leaving his wives at the estate.

The story goes that by 1953 there was no one left on the estate. After the restoration of the building in 1982, the palace was turned into a museum, storing items of the royal family of Rama the Fifth, among them a bathtub with a heating boiler, porcelain masterpieces, antique furniture, trophies from hunting. The most significant and famous objects are the first typewriter and electric light bulb in Thailand.


A journey through the sites of the royal residence of Vimanmek provides an insight into the fascinating and mysterious life of the royal family. Today, guests can see the gilded exterior of the manor, the interior, the decor and the filling of the thirty interesting rooms.

The most famous among them are the living quarters for guests and reception halls. In the room of the octagonal tower one can see the personal apartments of the royal family.

The building is also notable for the fact that the first elevator in the country was installed there. At that time, it could go from the first to the fourth floor. The elevator showed the elite of the building, the high income of the family.

Next to the Vimanmek Palace is the Apkhisekdusit Throne Hall, which houses several other museums that house handicrafts, clothing and fabrics, photographs and portraits of prominent figures of the royal dynasty, and even carriages of those times.

Time and cost of attendance

In order to visit there, you must come during the allotted hours. You can visit a unique estate in Thailand from 9.30 to 16.00 every day, including weekends and holidays. The ticket office closes at 3:15 p.m. The cost of a ticket to Vimanmek Palace is 100 baht, 20 baht for a child.

It is possible to visit by purchased tickets when visiting the Royal Palace.

How to get there

To get to the famous Thai attraction you can take the following bus routes: 12, 43, 56, 110. Bus #12 goes from Victory monument in the direction of Set Thakan (Phraratchawang Police Station) to the Ratchaphat Suan Su Nan Tha University stop.

Vimanmek Royal Palace on Bangkok Map

Tips for tourists

When visiting this palace in Thailand tourists are advised to wear appropriate closed and long clothing. If you have not provided for this situation, you can purchase sarongs - cloth capes - at the entrance.

Every day at 10:30 and 2 p.m. there is a performance of Thai dancing.

It is forbidden to take pictures in the museum. Bags and mobile devices are left in designated storage areas.

Additional Information

Address:16 Rajvithi Rd, Dusit, Bangkok 10300
Phone: +66 2 628 6300

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