What is special about the island of Phuket during your vacation? Thailand

What is special about the island of Phuket during your vacation? Thailand

Despite the fact that holidays in Thailand is not the most expensive pleasure, the resorts here are considered some of the most elite resorts in the world. This area is famous for the island of Phuket, located in the southwest of Thailand.

In general, the area is ideal for recreation: sun, heat, sea, hot sand, etc. Suitable for a hot holiday temperature lasts about half a year: from the end of autumn to mid-spring. Interestingly, the island itself from afar looks like a huge mountain. Perhaps not for nothing it was named - Phuket, because it means "mountain". While on the coast, you can feel all the benefits of such a vacation. By the way, if you are a gourmand, then you are especially lucky.

The food here is awesome, especially the seafood. Naturally, at your service is the main activity - entertainment, the more about it the local people are very resourceful. Surfing - difficult but rewarding ride on the ocean on a special board, kitesurfing - if you have not conquered surfing, it is a little easier, it requires an ordinary board, and to help a kite, which will move forward on water; Diving (scuba diving), or snorkeling (about the same, but to dive into the water will have to much less), rafting (at high speed down a boat with a crew, usually on Phuket small rivers), also golf and other. Near the island there are many small islands with cozy shores, which give the opportunity to be fully immersed in the atmosphere of nature of this area.

What is special about the island of Phuket during your vacation? Thailand In addition, there is a very specific manner of people here, because they are mostly peaceful, sympathetic people. The traditions of these Thai people impress with an interesting approach to life, to human demands and concerns. So sociable people will be lucky not only to admire the scenery, but also to learn more interesting facts and views about different things. So buying a great gift for the soul - a trip to Phuket will mean that you are waiting for positive emotions and a sea of joy!

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