Mongolia is a fishing lover's paradise

Mongolia is a fishing lover's paradise

Many tourists think of Mongolia only as a country of endless steppes with nomadic shepherds, a little noisy Ulaanbaatar, caravans of camels wandering the sands of the Gobi Desert.

All this is true, but not quite. Recently, this steppe country has become a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. The shores of the Khubsugul, Mongolia's deepest lake and its tributaries, are crowded with people with fishing rods.

A few years ago, the areas suitable for fishing were quite wild, with only occasional stops for nomads and their herds, and few tourists at all. The systematic policy of the Mongolian government has made this region of the country very attractive to tourists from different countries and, above all, Russia. The latter fact can be explained quite simply - the border crossing from the lake is only eleven kilometers away.

Mongolia is a fishing lover's paradise

Today on the lake there are about forty tourist bases, providing a full range of services, including the organization of fishing. But it is worth bearing in mind that fishing here is only sport fishing, commercial fishing is prohibited, as well as export of the caught fish from the country is prohibited. The fact is that both the lake Khubsugul itself and its coastal area are a national park, so all activities on this territory are limited. The special status of the territory provides for certain restrictions for tourists. As experience shows, the most correct way to visit the lake, especially for fishing, is to sign a contract with some tourist center, and then all questions about fishing will be taken care of by the receiving party. By the way, there are several tourist bases on the shore of Hubsugul, owned by Russian companies, so for the Russians there are almost no problems with holding an unforgettable fishing trip.

Fishing in Mongolia is a truly unforgettable experience. Rivers and lakes are literally teeming with fish. And most of them are valuable species, such as grayling and lenok. Nobody ever goes without the caught fish here. The biggest catch is registered in May, and it is during this time on the Khoton-Nur, Khurgun, Tolbo lakes and Kobdo and Onon rivers that numerous fishing competitions take place. By the way, these reservoirs have no restrictions on catching, unlike Khubsugul, only poaching using nets, electrofishing rods, etc. is not allowed.

Anyone who loves fishing will find their big fish in Mongolian waters, but for everyone else, the beautiful views of the coasts of lakes and rivers at the border of taiga, steppe and mountains will be a great opportunity to relax in the pristine beauty of nature.

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