Slovakia. Devin Castle

Slovakia. Devin Castle

If you dream of a vacation in Europe, but do not know which country to choose, go to Slovakia. Even if this state is little visible on the map and almost entirely unheard of. It is a treasure trove of historical places and beautiful sights. The age-old history of the small Slavic country lives here in every stone of the sidewalk, in the friendly villages, in the beautiful mountain scenery and clear waters of the rivers and lakes. Yes, Slovakia is landlocked, so it is not a resort country in the classic sense. However, it is ready to fully disclose its unique beauty to inquisitive tourists.

If you go to Slovakia in late autumn, you will enjoy the well-equipped ski slopes. It doesn't matter that skiing here is mostly for amateurs, not professionals. Even good to be among the same fans of active winter holidays, who conquer the slopes for the sake of unforgettable emotions, and not to hone their skills.

If you stay in Slovakia in the high summer, you will find architectural monuments and many exciting activities in the countryside. Riding, flying, rafting, mountain climbing, fishing, etc. are all on offer! In general, active pastime for all tastes. More than two hundred tourist centers are ready to take you and your loved ones and create all conditions for a good rest.

Slovakia. Devin Castle

As for architectural masterpieces, let's focus on one of them - Devin Castle. It is located 10 kilometers west of the center of Slovakia's capital Bratislava. It rises 212 meters above the surrounding countryside, and is one of the oldest castles in Slovakia. There are many different names for Devín: Devín Castle, Devín Castle, and Devín Castle. It was here that Prince Rostislav of Great Moravia once invited the enlighteners Cyril and Methodius to translate the Bible into Slavic.

Devin has been ravaged many times over its centuries-long history. It was rebuilt in an effort to preserve its former appearance. It was only at the beginning of the nineteenth century that Napoleon managed to turn Devin Fortress into ruins.

Devin Castle has more than just historical value. Since 1985, the cliff, on which the dilapidated castle is located, is considered a natural monument and taken under the protection of the state. Devin is now a museum. As one of the National Treasures of Culture, the castle is open to tourists, there are guided tours and an exhibition hall. We have no doubt that after visiting such a memorable place you will get a lasting impression and will definitely want to return to this wonderful corner of Slovakia.

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