What do I need to take with me for a comfortable vacation in the tropics?

What to take with you on vacation

The idea of spending a vacation in some exotic country, with the opportunity to wander along sandy beaches, swim in the warm sea, climb mountains or delve into the virgin jungle, is gaining more and more popularity every year.

At the same time, some novice tourists sometimes forget that it is necessary to prepare for such a trip in a slightly different way than for a charging vacation at a familiar resort. What do seasoned travelers recommend paying attention to? Here are some tips to heed.

1. What should be hand luggage?

Many tourists traditionally choose the usual suitcases on wheels for travel. What is the reason for this? Primarily:

- lightness and spaciousness,

- the presence of a rigid frame that can protect things from external influences,

- convenient handle and wheels, eliminating the need to constantly carry luggage in your hands.

And upon arrival at the place, many outdoor enthusiasts are surprised to find that for walks in the tropics, the most ordinary tourist backpack would be preferable. Both in the tropical countries of Southeast Asia and in Africa, on the streets of cities it is far from always possible to see a smooth asphalt surface, on which it is easy to roll a suitcase.

But the adjustable volume of a backpack is often a very important factor, thanks to which luggage can be added without increasing the number of wearable units. In addition to the existing things, purchased souvenirs or something else will successfully fit into the backpack. It is also worth remembering the huge number of scammers and thieves who constantly hunt in the tourist area.

The presence of an expensive suitcase in itself attracts their attention, even if there is nothing particularly valuable inside. In turn, a well-established stereotype works against a tourist with a backpack, according to which people who are trying to save money and do not have much money travel like this.

2. Sun protection

In tropical countries, the heat is dangerous not only from the sun, but also from heat stroke, as a result of which you can even die. In addition, do not forget about the protection of the skin. It is unlikely that any tourist will be pleased with the prospect of blistering and intensively applying special ointments to the skin for several days, staying in a hotel room, instead of swimming in the sea or going on excursions. But the regular use of the appropriate cream with a powerful UV filter can get rid of such dangers.

3. Document security

Even before leaving for the airport, it is worth checking more than once the fact that all the necessary documents are available, from a passport to bank cards or certificates of vaccinations. It will be equally important to take care of making copies of the relevant documents. Experienced tourists claim that such papers can come in handy in some non-standard situations.

What to take with you on vacation

4. Insurance, vaccinations and medications

When going to a country with an unusual climate, you should take care not only of an insurance policy that involves paying for possible medical services, but also the availability of all the necessary vaccinations that can protect against dangerous infections that are rapidly transmitted locally.

A personal first-aid kit will not be superfluous, especially if the tourist is prone to any allergic reactions or suffers from a certain ailment. It is almost impossible to foresee everything, but a careful systematic approach to preparation can reduce the likelihood of difficulties to a minimum.

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