Attractions in Australia

Attractions in Australia

Opera House in Australia (photo 1) is one of the outstanding structures of architecture around the world. Before the Opera is a building that almost everyone knows about, this building is very often photographed and filmed. The theater was designed by the famous architect Jean Utz. The doors of this theater were opened by Queen Elizabeth II herself, back in 1973. But the construction of this incredible structure just took a huge amount of money. Each year the theater hosts about 3,000 performances. This Opera House has 1,000 different rooms, and the building itself is 185 meters long and 120 meters wide.

Attractions in Australia Ayers Rock (photo 2) - is located in a national park in Australia, 450 kilometers from Alice Springs. This cliff is created from a single stone and is the largest in the world, the local Aborigines consider this place sacred, this place is considered the most famous among all natural attractions in Australia. Tourists can climb the cliff or take a guided tour around the rock and learn about the history of the place and the local culture. Australia's national park is very large and there are various sacred places for the Aborigines. For example, there is a very interesting formation of 36 dome-shaped stones, which rises to a height of 546 meters and covers an area of 36 kilometers.

Attractions in Australia Great Barrier Reef (Photo 3) is the world's largest coral reef system, consisting of 2,900 individual reefs, as well as 900 islands that stretch for 2,600 kilometers, covering an area of 3,4400 square kilometers. This huge reef is located in a coral sea near the northern part of Australia. The reef is even possible to discern from space, as it should be noted that it is the largest structure created by nature. The entire reef consists of billions of microorganisms. Also, this reef has been awarded the title - a world heritage site.

Attractions in Australia Blue Mountains (photo 4) is a rather mountainous area in South Wales, which borders the city and originates 50 kilometers from the western part of the city. This place is famous for its huge depressions with a depth of 760 meters, and the area itself is at an elevation in relation to the sea about 1190 meters. This Blue Mountain is also a world heritage site.

Harbor Bridge - its opening took place in 1932. It took many years and a huge amount of money to build the bridge.

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