Australia through the eyes of a tourist

Australia through the eyes of a tourist

The capital of Australia, the multi-million dollar city of Sydney, sits on the coast of picturesque Port Jackson Bay, founded in the late 18th century. A ship with many passengers, many of them prisoners, under the command of Captain Arthur Philip docked at the shores that were later named "The Rocks," meaning "the Rocks," which is now Sydney's historical heritage.

Australia through the eyes of a touristThe people with no future who arrived on the ship, given freedom, found the opportunity to start life with a clean slate. From this moment, in 1788, the history of the development of the Australian continent begins. Today tourists have the opportunity to plunge into the era of the past, wander the stone lined streets, go to one of the first buildings of the city, "Cadman Cottage", named after the owner, built back in the early 19th century criminal in the past. He later went into the service of the state, taking the respected position of superintendent of courts. Tourists have a unique opportunity to visit the barracks of Hyde Park, as they say, "in the skin of the convict"; get acquainted with their everyday life, feel all the hardships of such a life.

For true connoisseurs of pristine nature, the Green Continent, will appear in all its splendor:

- The Royal Botanical Gardens, where you can see more than a million varieties of plants;

- The Chinese Garden in Sydney, which is the largest in size, is located in Darling Harbor, where there are many entertainment venues nearby: bars, cafes, nightclubs, stores, etc;

- the unique Sydney Aquarium, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest aquarium in terms of water capacity. Tourists have the rare opportunity to come face to face with the dangerous inhabitants of the ocean depths (more than five thousand representatives of the aquatic world);

- The Great Australian Reef Barrier, one of the Seven Wonders of our time. Here you can see a huge variety of corals, unique, inherently tropical fish and turtles.

Australia through the eyes of a touristYou won't find many museums in Sydney. But nevertheless, the existing ones will catch your attention:

- The Art Gallery of New South Wales, which displays collections of both Australian and Asian art;

- state museum in Australia;

- maritime museum;

- automobile museum, with a collection of more than 175 pieces, produced from the late 19th century to the present day;

- museum of contemporary art;

- coin museum;

- Astronomical Museum, located in the old building, 1858, the former Observatory;

- The Opera House in Sydney, which is an architectural landmark;

- The bridge spanning Sydney Harbor, though not a museum, is architecturally unique. The view of the ocean water is truly impressive to any imagination.

Lovers of sunbathing are presented with a chic assortment of various hotels, with beaches attached to them. The splendor of the Gold Coast stretches from Southport to Coolangatta for 42 kilometers. You simply can't find a better place to vacation in the middle of winter, with comfortable temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius and service at the highest level.

In a land of majestic mountains, winding rivers, dense forests and flower-filled valleys, even the most fastidious will be won over by the magnificence. You can buy souvenirs in the nearby art galleries and stores.

The most unusual place to concentrate the diversity of human imagination is the park "Dreamworld", which in the original sounds "Dreamworld". Here you will see as many as eleven worlds: "Koala Land", "Ocean Parade", "Gold Rush City", "Country Fair"...

Would you like to visit Hollywood? Don't be afraid of the need to go to America - no. On the Gold Coast, you can visit the local, equally American, Warner Bros Movie World park. Here you can face "Krueger," say hello to "Superman" and dodge cowboy bullets.

Australia through the eyes of a touristHead deeper north into the capital of the Queensland coast, Keynes, a place of fragrant flowers, nestled between the green forest and the turquoise of the sea. You can walk the world's longest suspension road. Needless to say, the view is truly enchanting. You can see the fields of reeds, the Coral Sea, the picturesque mountains, the tops resting on the sky.

If you are interested in local folklore, the Aboriginal Cultural Center on the lakes near Karavonik is the right place for you. The four theaters there offer distinctive performances and dances. You can appreciate the skill of the Aboriginal people in javelin throwing, hammer throwing, etc.

The subway, Australia's only subway, is in Sydney. Here you can also visit the continent's best opera house, museum, tallest skyscraper, zoo and more.

Sights such as the National Gallery of Victoria presenting the works of Australian and European and artists, Victoria Museum, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Royal Botanical Gardens, Mint and James Cook Memorial can be seen in the city of Melbourne. The granite cliffs or Grampian Ranges and green hills of Cape Wilson are 260 kilometers from the city. Further West is Stirling Park, where you can see over a thousand different plant species.

The main attraction in Perth is the Art Gallery of Western Australia and in Adelaide is the Art Gallery of South Australia. Southeast of Perth, 400 kilometers away, is a great view of the Indian Ocean. You can see the stromatolites and the ancient Mount Auguste and Hammersley Ranges in Shark Bay Park.

Near the small town of Alice Spring rises Ayers Rock, a red mountain, a shrine to the ancient inhabitants of the Uluru tribe, and nearby is Mount Olga, a mountain visited by tourists.

The eucalyptus tree is considered the main natural attraction of the continent. Varieties of this tree grow everywhere in Australia, and are even featured on the country's coat of arms.

The fauna of the green continent is also interesting: echidna, kangaroo, koala, platypus. Therefore, the most popular parks are those where flora and fauna are presented together. For example, in South Australia you can wander among the eucalyptus groves, watch fancy bears - koalas, and enjoy the picturesque tops of the oldest mountains Flinders, located 450 kilometers north of the city of Adelaide.

To the east of Darwin is the world-famous Kakadu Park, home to crocodiles. Here you can also see the Aboriginal rock art.

In the oldest of the states, New South Wales sees colorful places: the ridges, plateaus and valleys of the Blue Mountains. Nearly 500 kilometers southwest of the capital is Mount Kosciuszko, with evergreen forests just beyond. Do not miss out if you take an excursion to the desert, there you can explore the paintings on the cliffs Motvinga, made by the Aborigines a few centuries ago.

The country of Australia is extremely diverse and unique, where everyone can make amazing discoveries. You can relax both your soul, climbing in untouched civilization, and your body, sunbathing on picturesque beaches.

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