Ukrainian Carpathians

Ukrainian Carpathians

Ukrainian Carpathians is one of the stunning places for recreation, skiing, hiking. The most popular resorts are located in Zakarpattya and Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine, such as Bukovel, Yaremcha, Kalush and many others.

Fantastic nature, abundance of healing herbs, coniferous and deciduous forests, mountain air, the beauty of mountains, lush greenery, fresh air, all this attracts tourists all year round. Ski slopes and slopes are not inferior to the elite European resorts. This place is considered to have the best ecology in the whole Ukraine, because there is no industry and very little traffic, compared to large cities.

The water of local lakes and rivers is striking for its transparency and purity. The nature here is practically untouched by civilization, there are huge expanses of forest. And if you are burning with the desire to get close to Mother Nature and enjoy the silence and solitude, try to make a hike deep into the woods on your own.

Ukrainian CarpathiansIt is fascinating and useful to combine walking and hiking in the Carpathian forests, combining them with the collection of mushrooms, berries and medicinal herbs, and local residents will be happy to tell you about the secrets of quiet hunting, the richness of the flora of these places.

Recreation in Carpathians in winter is especially popular among tourists. There are a variety of skiing slopes on the high mountains for professionals and beginners snowboarders and skiers. The delicious mulled wine, medieval castles, museums and abandoned ruins. All this awaits you here.

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