Kemer, Turkey. Comments from a tourist

Kemer, Turkey. Comments from a tourist

Modern Turkish resorts are not the same resorts that we know from the reviews of ten years ago. Nevertheless, many people still have an opinion about the undeveloped and primitive nature of Turkish resort settlements and hotels.

Our family flew to Turkey for the first time this year and I can say with full rights that in Turkey today everything is much more civilized than in many other resort areas of the world, where we have been before. The first thing to say about rest in Kemer - very pleased with the prices. We the whole family of four were able to relax for the amount that we previously spent per person.

Kemer, Turkey. Comments from a tourist Surprised by the fact that the rest in Turkey today is not much more expensive than in the boarding house of Stalin's times on the domestic coast of the Black Sea. Rest in Kemer - a stay in a modern hotel with excellent conditions, it is a huge number of pools in the hotel for children and adults with different needs, it is animation evenings and a huge number of competitions and so on.

We have never had such a rest anywhere else. I must say that we were very impressed by the food. For those eight days that we were in Kemer, we had time to try the cuisine of five different cultures. Rest in Kemer really long will be remembered by us only from a positive side.

On the Internet you can find a lot of reviews about different hotels, but the right choice is still one: go where your soul calls you. Rest in Kemer is a great opportunity to forget about all worries and problems. You will be delighted!

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