India. Ayurveda - "pills" for body and soul

Ayurveda is a new for our country and very popular in Western Europe trend of health tourism, the Indian science of health, which has been developing for more than 5 thousand years. This science interprets a human being as a combination of different components, which must be in balance, otherwise a person will fall ill. The treatment is based on five stages of body purification, as well as procedures, which are carried out according to ancient methods, using only natural components: oils, milk, minerals, plants.

India. Ayurveda - "pills" for body and soul

Ayurveda cleanses, rejuvenates, revitalizes a person. In some cases, it achieves better results than traditional medicine. Natural remedies for the body are used along with "pills" for the soul - yoga and meditation.

The homeland of Ayurveda is South India, Kerala. There are special educational institutions for training medical personnel and there is strict state control over the activities of Ayurvedic centers.

When choosing a resort, first of all, you should decide what you prefer - sea, mountains or jungle, as well as the degree of medical regime, because there are only therapeutic resorts and resorts, which also provide recreation.

India. Ayurveda - "pills" for body and soul

At the beginning of the treatment, all patients undergo a diagnostic examination, after which they join a healthy life for 14 days. Doctors recommend getting acquainted with Ayurvedic wisdom during the monsoon period - for better perception.

A standard package usually includes accommodation, treatment and special dietary meals for the patient. For example, the package "Five stages of Panchakarma" for one week with double accommodation costs about $ 700, and the package "Rejuvenation" for 14 days - $ 1454.

Out-of-pocket expenses are usually minimal: there is simply no time for excursions.

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