France: Province of Brittany

Brittany is a peninsular territory. The climate is monsoonal and mild. And the capital of Brittany is the city of Rennes.

The restaurants of Brittany, which are located everywhere, sell the freshest seafood: crabs, lobsters and shellfish. You can also be treated to unusually delicious pancakes. And you thought they were served only in Russia? No, here they are no worse, they are sprinkled with chocolate, powdered sugar and watered with jam, very tasty! If you are not a fan of sweets, then you can be offered a filling of cheese and ham, as well as onions with sour cream.

In Brittany, you can taste unique apples that are different in taste from anything you have tasted before. Cider is made from the same apples. By the way, a bottle of local cider will be an excellent souvenir for family and friends.

Province of Brittany is a place with its own ancient history, it is from here that the legends of the famous King Arthur and the Brocelian forest originated. It is here that a huge number of ancient castles, known all over the world, are located.

And of course, visiting such castles should be part of the mandatory travel program in Brittany.

France: Province of Brittany For example, according to legend, Bluebeard owned the castle of Chateau le Bleu. Mont Saint-Michel is built in the Gothic style and is surrounded on all sides by water, so that you can only get into it at low tide. Such an unusual location only encourages tourists to travel to this amazing place.

In general, the province of Brittany is surrounded by water, so you are provided with an ocean view from the hotel window. You can walk along the ocean coast and watch the strong ebbs and flows.

In different places of the province, the seashore bears its name. So it is called the Emerald Coast, the Wild Coast, the coast of Megaliths, the coast of Pink Granite, the coast of Legends. It is believed that the famous Tristan and Isolde lived and died on this island.

The population of Brittany is about four million people, the territory of the peninsula is comparable to entire European countries, such as Belgium or the Netherlands. The province of Brittany is also famous for its therapeutic mud, which is extracted directly from the ocean. Ocean mud is an excellent cosmetic product that is used in many spa clinics and hotels. In addition, it can be brought as a souvenir.

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