Rules of conduct for a tourist in France

French patriots insist that everyone who visits their country should know French, an entry level will be enough. Based on this, there is no need to walk around with a sour face, if a Frenchman notices your dialogue in a foreign language for him, he will immediately highlight his discontent about this. Although this does not apply to tourist employees who are polite to guests from abroad, but outside this narrow circle, you should purchase a translator dictionary and learn a few phrases in the "great affectionate".

Crime is low here, but this does not mean that you can forget about things and "stare" at the sights. There are no restrictive rules on how you dress in France, including on a religious basis.

Remember that the French are very trusting, polite and hospitable people.

Rules of conduct for a tourist in FranceA special criterion for the business style of a Frenchman is his education, from which an independent position in society comes, therefore, as in many other countries, the rule applies here: "Only a person with a higher status can be late."

Interestingly, in France it is not customary to “tip”, most likely this gratitude is already included in the bill. The French themselves do not like to tip, and a tourist can thank even the smallest trifle. By the way, it will also be enough for taxi drivers to round the amount to a whole number.

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