Hotels in Marseille, the highlight of France

France is a magnificent country, which gives a whole world of romance, festive feelings and vivid perception of beauty. To visit France means to plunge into a completely different world in which love and happiness reign. But it is impossible to visit such a fabulous country, and not to visit Marseille. After all, this city is one of the brightest representatives of its territory and hotels in Marseille do everything for tourists to be really interesting.

Marseille is known for its rich history dating back to the distant 600 BC. It owes its fame in those ancient times to the Hellenes. Now Marseille has transformed and turned into a truly magnificent museum city, which with each year only grows stronger and more beautiful and does not lose its natural charm. It reflects its strength and power in the waters of the Gulf of Lyon, which affectionately embraces its shores.

Marseille has a beautiful location, secluded and bounded by the Mediterranean Sea. This coastline is rugged with rocky bays, and with proud hills, it takes on a flowing and malleable shape that you can enjoy. hotels in Marseille. All this makes it possible to fully appreciate the beauty and power of sailing, diving and windsurfing that reigns here. The amateurs and professionals of these sports gather here every year and participate in competitions, battling the elements and enjoying the beauty of Marseille.

But it's not just the expanse of sea enclosing this wonderful city that attracts travelers to this region. What a beautiful walk through the narrow streets of the city and feel like the Count of Monte Cristo himself. After all, he once roamed through these places. And now many filmmakers, inspired by the historical richness of the city and the beauty of its local scenery, shoot a lot of masterpieces here. And if you walk through these streets, stepping on steep staircases, you can come out to the city's most important attraction - the Old Port. This port is surrounded by the forms of St. Nicholas and St. John. A mile from this port is another great attraction that attracts tourists is the famous Castle of If, which spreads its power over the expanse of the Friuli Islands.

Hotels in Marseille, the highlight of France If you want to plunge into the very antiquity of the great city, you should also visit the Romanesque-Byzantine Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde. This basilica was built in the 19th century between 1853 and 1864. It stands on the site of an old chapel in which ships were blessed. The basilica was built at the expense of local residents. Of particular interest in this construction is the nine-meter statue of the Virgin Mary on top of the basilica and the eight-ton bell, which reaches two and a half meters in height.

And another not insignificant advantage of Marseille is that you will always be understood, no matter what language you speak. This hospitable area and hotels in Marseille will always delight you not only with its attractions, but also with friendly people. You're sure to enjoy a variety of fish dishes, thanks to the abundance of fish in the surrounding waters.

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