Gastronomic tour in France

Of course, gastronomic tour in France This is not only an opportunity to taste the many dishes of French cuisine, but also a tasting of many varieties of wines. The most interesting tours are those which take place in mid- to late October - this is the time when a grand national holiday, the Week of Taste, invented by French chefs as a protest against the dominance of fast food, takes place in different parts of France.

Also of interest are the famous shrimp festival in Honfleur, the wine festival held in the city of Besançon, as well as numerous apple festivals held in many provinces of France in early October. Although visiting gastronomic festivals is not cheap, their popularity is growing. In addition, tour operators provide services of individual tours for small groups of tourists in several provinces of France.

Gastronomic tour in France Gastronomic tour in France also has its own characteristics, the main of which is, of course, the journey through the provinces, famous for their wines. The form of a gastronomic tour may be different - from traveling by comfortable bus to a helicopter flight (for small groups of tourists).

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