Unforgettable vacation in Courchevel

Courchevel is considered the most popular and attractive ski resort, which is located in the French Alps. On the territory of Courchevel, a tourist or vacationer will fully experience the comfort, excellent service and ethnic atmosphere. Experience experience will help you for a time to forget about everyday problems and worries. The resort takes its name from its location in the Courchevel Valley. Wooded slopes, which are equipped with hundreds of trails of varying levels of complexity, provide an active holiday and a sea of impressions. The ski slopes are covered with hundreds of slopes of different levels of difficulty, which provide an active holiday and a lot of experience.

The legendary Courchevel opened in 1948, but even today, despite many factors, it remains the best of its kind. There are modern hotels and elite restaurants throughout the resort, made in the traditional style, which meet all quality standards and provide the most comfortable conditions. Oligarchs and businessmen from all over the world come to see the scenery of the Alps. It is worth noting that even a budget tourist will be able to afford a holiday in Courchevel without much chic and privileges, but this will not affect the overall atmosphere that prevails in this wonderful place.

The undoubted advantage of this resort is the perfect clean air, along with beautiful wildlife and mesmerizing mountain slopes. The resort's sporting aficionados are not restricted in any way, as the entire area of Courchevel is equipped with sports fields. The nightlife of the resort is also diverse and interesting, which contributes to the many cafes, bars and restaurants. If you want to spend a quiet time, you can sit down near your lodge and look at the beautiful combination of the night silhouettes of the mountains and the starry sky.

Unforgettable vacation in CourchevelUnforgettable vacation in Courchevel Courchevel is considered a center of healthy and at the same time active recreation. The ski season traditionally opens in November and lasts until early May. Experienced skiers can experience the adrenaline of skiing on the intricate slopes, but beginners are better to seek help from ski instructors, who can put you on skis in a day and teach you the basic moves. People who are not disposed to extreme sports can go on a family hike through the most amazing corners of Courchevel or just to wander in the fresh air. The sports complex of this resort offers a number of activities, among them:

- squash and bowling;

- skating;

- fitness center services.

Shopping lovers will be able to buy branded items at affordable prices in local boutiques.

Rest in Courchevel will have a positive impact on health, will leave a lot of positive emotions and memories, and travel experiences and the overall atmosphere will make you come back.

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