Features of vacations in France

Features of vacations in FranceFeatures of vacations in France France - a country that has everything for a variety of recreation. Any tourist who has been to this European state will tell about it. To get a better idea of whether your holiday in the country of the Cote d'Azur, you should get acquainted with the main features of tourism in this country.

Thanks to its rich history, France has many attractions in each of its cities, which are a magnet for tourists from all over the world.

2. three climatic zones of the country please tourists with different preferences (there are both winter resorts and beaches) and allow a pleasant stay at any time of year.

For shoppers, France also has something to offer. In Paris, the fashion capital of the world, or in Nice, Toulouse and Lyon, every shopaholic will find something to his liking.

4. The local population believes that every foreigner in their country should communicate exclusively in French. To be greeted with approving rather than perplexed stares, it is necessary to learn at least a few standard phrases and to have a phrasebook.

5. In order to save money on food, many tourists in bars and cafes eat at the counter, because it is much more expensive to eat at a table. When visiting French eateries, pay attention to the price tags "au comptoir" ("at the counter") and "à salle" ("at the table") on the menu.

6. Wealthy tourists who move around a lot, can rent a car for a vacation, for a more budget tourism should pay attention to the special discounts for public transport.

7. The subway in France is not like ours: there are not only regular stationary seats, but also folding seats. However, the differences are not only in the types of seats, but also in manners: it is not customary here to give way to elderly people, as well as to ask "May I go out?" or "May I?" in the crowd, instead people here, heading for the exit, simply apologize on the way out.

8. For the owners of transport phobias will be a plus that it is possible to reach France from our country by land transport, and you can also fly by air.

9. The people here are kind and friendly. Being in the city or in the French countryside, you will feel equally comfortable.

The variety of tours, combining seemingly incongruous things, surprises and delights every tourist. Whether it is the snowy Alps or the beaches of the Côte d'Azur, hospitable France is waiting for tourists to discover many new interesting places.

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