Historical sites of Istanbul

Historical sites of Istanbul

Istanbul - a city with a rich historical past. This heart of the Turkish land has always attracted tourists. Its unique streets and houses are imbued with a special spirit of the Middle Ages.

Historical sites of IstanbulWhile vacationing in Istanbul, be sure to visit City Archaeological Museum. Its building is one of the most majestic in the world. The museum complex includes the main building, the tile palace and the Museum of Oriental Culture. The building was erected at the end of the XIX century. The exhibitions include a huge number of unique rarities from different historical periods and countries. When visiting this museum complex, one can get acquainted with the tombs and sarcophagi inside or on the adjoining territory. Here one can see the richest collection of minted coins of Byzantine, Roman and Greek origin, and appreciate the reliefs and sculptures of famous masters, and the objects of the inhabitants of the former Ottoman Empire found during the excavations.

Historical sites of Istanbul Another of Istanbul's architectural landmarks is Hagia Sophia Church. This most ancient structure was built in the VI century. It was here, according to historians, that Prince Vladimir sent envoys to learn the Christian religion. It is as if time has not touched this monumental building. It still looks magnificent. In front of its entrance stretches a lovely garden with Byzantine columns found during excavations carried out not far from this site. The "weeping pillar", which is covered in sweat at all times of the year, is striking.

These remarkable architectural sites will only slightly reveal to you the secrets of the ancient Turkish city. Other sights are no less interesting: Topkapi Palace, Valenta's Aqueduct, Galata Tower, Blue Mosque and many others. A trip to Istanbul is every time something new, surprising and unexplored.

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