Best places for diving on Chang Island

Best places for diving on Chang Island

As elsewhere in coastal Thailand, it is common to go scuba diving in Ko Chang.

There are dozens of dive centers on the island, which not only organize dives, but also have training courses for beginners and rent the necessary equipment.

Diving in Ko Chang involves diving in the open sea from a boat. There are no reefs directly near the shoreline of the island. But this does not make the underwater world less exciting.


All centers are located not very far from the southern tip of the island: it does not take more than 2 hours to get to the farthest of them, located in the waters of Rang Island. This is where the most interesting and visited places are located. The average depth varies from 10 to 15 meters, which provides comfortable diving opportunities for divers of all levels.

Isle of Rang

Ko Rang is surrounded by numerous islands, the waters of which are the most attractive for diving:

  • Co Thiang;
  • Ko Yak (Yak);
  • Hin Kaduang (representing two rocks sticking out of the water).

Thian Island is a small island, located near the northern tip of Rang. The sea here is not very deep, no more than 10 meters, which makes the place suitable for beginners divers, but also for those who swim on the surface with a snorkel (snorkeling tours are organized).


There is a coral reef, which, it should be noted, is far from what it used to be. Nevertheless, it is interesting and there are always numerous objects to observe.

Yak Island, although it translates from Thai as "giant," is also quite small. The sea around it is more than 10 meters deep.

The water is clean and clear, a large number of corals, colorful actinia (sea anemones), numerous fish, hiding among them. Some sea creatures can be found in rocky crevices and hidden on the bottom.

  • The water depth near Hin Kaduang reaches 30 meters.
  • This place is considered one of the deepest dive sites in the Koh Chang area.

Here you can find a sea turtle and a species of small reef shark. And if you are not lucky enough to come across rare deep sea inhabitants, it's not a problem: the reef with its inhabitants is beautiful without them.

The Thonburi shipwreck

Shipwreck sites naturally arouse interest. Not far away, 200 meters from the southeastern tip of Chang lies a shipwreck from World War II. It is 30 meters deep.


Hin Luk Bat

Under the name Hin Luk Bat lies a large rocky formation sticking menacingly out of the water. It is a 30-minute drive south from Bangbao Pier, relatively easy to reach (compared to the two-hour drive to Rang).


At the same time, this dive site offers good conditions for diving: clear water, 20-meter depth, multi-level reef. Here you can easily spend an hour or more exploring the marine life represented by swarms of countless fish, starfish, solitary barracudas and other creatures.

Hin Rap

Two kilometers south of Hin Luk Bat is another rocky reef - Hin Rap. Here good corals and a huge number of small fish, living in large groups. The depth is not more than 16m.

Ko Wai

The waters of the Isle of Wai are interesting because you can see a reef shark and a leopard shark.


Both are not dangerous to humans, are small in size, but imposing - if compared to other local inhabitants.


Krah Island is quite distant from Chang - it is located next to Rang Island. Its bottom is a slightly sloping reef, and the corals are not deeper than 5 meters, which makes this dive site a convenient place for beginners divers.


Well, the stingrays, frozen at the bottom, will delight anyone.

Dive Centers

There are no problems with finding dive centers on Chang. Any hotel cooperates with one or more dive companies. Contact the hotel reception and you will certainly be offered all available options.

You can go directly to one of dozens of dive clubs on your own. Sometimes in this way you can buy a dive tour a little cheaper, as some hotels have a habit of inflating the price, although they, as a wholesale distributors, dive centers make a significant discount. To make your decision easier, here are the prices for dive centers per person:

  • day dive - $50;
  • night dive - $65;
  • snorkeling - $30.

The price includes travel to the place and back, dive equipment rental.

You can save significantly if there are several divers. So, if you pay for 3 people at once, some dive clubs do a discount - up to 30% of the cost.

The cost of training on diving courses with obtaining a certificate - from $120 to $1000.

When is the best time to go to Koh Chang for diving

During the dry season (from November to May) the water is as transparent as possible: visibility is up to 25 m.

Diving opportunities are available in other months as well. The Gulf of Thailand is almost always calm, unlike, for example, the Andaman Sea, which usually storms during the wet season. However, the rains, which intensify from June to October, worsen visibility underwater.

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