Coconut oil from Thailand: useful properties and uses

Coconut oil from Thailand: useful properties and uses

Every woman dreams of having on her shelf that miracle cure that will solve all her cosmetic problems at once - from skin dullness to hair breakage. It may seem strange, but there is such a remedy, and its homeland is the unforgettable Thailand.

Natural, affordable and completely safe product, which can be purchased at any market and in any Thai store - this coconut oil from Thailand is a salvation for the sick, weakened or exhausted by the bustle of the city women's body.

Coconut oil: study the useful properties

Coconut oil is known not only in Thailand but also far beyond its borders. The growing popularity of this substance is such that nowadays a rare visit to a cosmetologist or doctor does not go without the recommendation to use this product for the restoration, treatment and nourishment of certain parts of the body.


Useful properties of coconut oil

  • The antimicrobial and antifungal effect of the composition makes it a popular substance not only for hair or facial skin, but also for treating the oral cavity or foot fungus. The same properties make this oil ideal for preventing or alleviating colds.
  • As a powerful antioxidant, coconut oil is taken internally. At the same time as cleansing the body, coconut helps to relieve inflammation, cure long-standing infections, solve problems of adequate intestinal function.
  • The protective qualities of coconut oil allow it to be used as a sunscreen, and adding a few spoonfuls of this substance to the usual cream will make its action more active and effective.
  • Coconut oil promotes regeneration. This property is used both to restore hair, skin, and to help inside the body: for example, for ulcers and colitis.
  • The oil is used as an aid to the body in the process of losing excess weight: a certain concentration of fat accelerates metabolic processes and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil for hair is commonly used as a mask - an ideal formulation for nourishing weakened roots, renewing the hair body and repairing split ends.

Usually it is enough to apply the substance to the hair (depending on the problems, the composition can be used on the entire length of the hair, only on the roots or only on the scalp) a few hours before washing the head and allow the oil to soak in as much as possible.

The first use of the composition should be extremely careful, on a limited area of the head and for a short time - to check the absence of allergies and the overall reaction of the body to the oil. The first use of the composition should be extremely careful in a limited area of the scalp and for a short period of time - to check the absence of allergies and general reaction of the body.

Several times a year such a mask can be lengthened to a day and wear the oil for at least 24 hours, but this must be done with extreme care. If desired, the oil can be added to the shampoo or balm used (one tablespoon per standard bottle is enough), so that the effect of coconut is mild and not traumatic. The oil is quite difficult to wash off, and an oily shine is guaranteed only if you do not use dairy products in warm form (sour cream, whey or kefir) as a rinse.

Coconut oil for face

The use of coconut oil for facial skin care is no less effective. The composition is suitable for any skin type: from dry to oily and rash-prone.


The unique properties and ideal composition of the oil, namely the harmonious balance of fatty acids, help the substance to protect, soften, smooth, regenerate and renew the skin of the face.

Pure refined coconut oil can be used as a drying cream, but the delicate skin of Europeans is not suitable for such active experiments.

Coconut oil has such an active effect on the skin of the face and body that experts advise its use in strict dosage: courses of one month with a break of at least 6-8 weeks.

Cosmetologists recommend using this substance as an auxiliary: for example, adding it to their creams and masks.

  • The oil can be used as a remedy for dull skin: to do this, it is mixed with baking soda.
  • When combined with honey, the oil becomes the perfect antimicrobial mask.
  • Applied in the T-zone, the oil guarantees an effective fight against acne.
  • Facial massage with coconut oil guarantees protection against premature aging and expression lines.
  • A mask with coconut oil and cow's milk makes the skin softer and softer.

The maximum percentage of coconut oil in a skin cream or mask should not exceed 10% for delicate facial skin and 30% for the rest of the body.

Coconut body butter

Need the perfect body care product? Coconut oil is an option that, if not to solve all the problems, then will significantly help to correct deficiencies.

With the help of coconut oil can be protected from the sun, it can treat inflamed or irritated skin, used as an antiseptic for the skin underarms and legs, to reduce itching after epilation procedures.

Lovers of going to the steam room should also consider this substance as a skin care product: a light massage of the steamed body with this oil guarantees a gentle and renewed skin.

Replacing the nourishing cream with coconut oil is ideal for people with delicate and thin skin. The natural formulation does not dry, but nourishes - gently and gently restoring the skin and giving it a healthy look.

Choosing coconut oil: What to look for

To choose the perfect oil, you should know: the modern Thai market offers two options - refined and unrefined coconut oil. The first option is usually the factory packs with a big name and good reputation.


Such oil does not smell, has a pleasant texture and is ready for immediate use both outside and inside. But unrefined oil is sold at bazaars and in small shops in ordinary plastic bottles: the oil, which has not been purified, seems more useful and vitamin-rich, but has an unpleasant odor and is completely unsuitable for use internally.


Whether to purchase the more expensive first option, or save money is up to the tourist. Thailand offers a lot of options for every budget. The refrigerator will help to check the naturalness of the composition: real oil begins to solidify only at +25 degrees and below.

Famous Thai coconut oil brands

Speaking of the lineup of coconut oils already known not only in Thailand itself, but also abroad, it is worth mentioning such names:

  • Samui Nature Cold Pressed Oil is the perfect solution for taking complete care of your body. It can be used for skin and hair care, as well as a dietary supplement. The gentle cleansing process guarantees the preservation of beneficial properties and the safety of the composition for the body.
  • Harnn offers oils purified by the most gentle method (fermentation). In the elite category, this series is ideal for delicate and sensitive skin as well as for fragile hair.
  • Tropicana is a less popular brand that produces a wide range of oils for different purposes in different packaging.
  • ArgiLife is the most democratic and widely available brand of oil, offering a high quality natural product.

Regardless of the brand you choose, of which there are dozens in Thailand, you should pay attention to the composition: the package should indicate only 100% coconut oil. Also important is the mention of the prefix BIO, signaling the safety of the process of growing this plant without the use of harmful fertilizers.

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