Shopping in Thailand - what a tourist should know

Shopping in Thailand - what a tourist should know

Thailand is not only a holiday destination, but also a place of active shopping, which makes the country very popular among tourists. Among the many attractions are markets and bazaars, where perhaps the best sellers. They are ready to offer goods for every taste and purse.

You can buy high-quality goods in Thailand for a pittance, but its range is inexhaustible. In addition to the stores and boutiques of popular Asian manufacturers, there are also stores of well-known brands: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Carlo Pazolini, Marks & Spencer, etc.

Some Thais who sell at the markets speak Russian, which makes shopping easier and, of course, more pleasant.

In this mysterious country there are often holidays, accompanied by sales. The Thai market offers tourists a variety of products - silk fabrics, silver, ceramics and tin products, also, precious stones and jewelry, the latest computer technology is widespread. Cheap sports and travel clothes for leisure.


If you need to bring back things and jewelry from Thailand that would serve as a reminder of a good time in Thailand, the choice is often on souvenir products. There are quite a lot of souvenir stores in Thailand. Buying inexpensive souvenirs, you can please your loved ones and give them a piece of Thailand.


This can include everything that is used in everyday life: coconut sugar bowl, jewelry box, shoe spoon, flower pots, hangers, shelves and more. Souvenirs from Thailand will serve as an excellent decoration to any interior, will make it more original and stylish, as well as be a pleasant memory. Most often tourists choose figurines in the form of an elephant or local deities, cars or motorcycles for the collection, magnets and flashlights, jewelry boxes, amulets, candle holders, fans, key chains, stickers and things with symbols, Asian coins.

Such nice little things are inexpensive - from 1$. You can try to save some money, because you can always bargain with Thais.


Thai clothes are made mainly from natural materials. The ratio of price to quality pleases visitors to the stores. Experienced tourists recommend to take clothes made by Thais, because the prices of brand-name clothes are almost the same as, for example, in Russia. Unless it's a sale, of course.

Prices for clothes and shoes


From 3$


from 4$


from 1.5$


From 3$


from 4$


from 4$

swim trunks, thongs

from 0.50$


from 1.5$

down jackets

from 28$

furs, wedding dresses

615 $ to 3000 $

sandals, flip-flops

 cheap from 1$


from 5$

 from 7$

brand shoes

from 30$

In Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, Samui on the tourist streets prices will be higher by 50%, maybe even 200%. But, as a reminder, you can bargain there.


Thais are passionate about traditional medicine, so you can buy in Thailand, everything from creams, to infusions and Thai balsams with different herbs, which include natural ingredients - coconut oil and papaya.

medicamentsCheap cosmetics are sold on almost every corner of the major resorts. But Thai brands like Tropicana, Sabai Arom, SenSpa, Harnn&Thann are very popular because of their high quality, but their prices are quite high.


Silver from Thailand is taken away by buying it much cheaper than in the homeland. Generally, the average price per gram of 925 silver is about 1.6 $. Gold jewelry here is also not as expensive as in our country. The price per gram of gold of 750 standard is 13 $. In Thailand you can buy quite cheap genuine Longines or Casio watches for 6o-90 $.. If the amount is not satisfied, you can always buy a fake for 15 $.


Precious stones are brought to this country from everywhere. Here they are processed and very beautiful things are made of them. You can buy a variety of jewelry, also several times cheaper. Pearls are sold for a pittance, because pearls are fished very close to the coast of Thailand. The cost depends on the quality of processing, color, size and is about 17$ and above. Thai costume jewelry is made from natural materials (shells, wood, pearls, coconut, bone, semi-precious stones).

Major shopping malls

During the summer, from June to August, all major cities in Thailand hold the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale, which runs tentatively from June 15 to August 15. You can buy goods during this period with discounts from 10-70%. The largest shopping cities in Thailand most often include Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Krabi.


In the capital, large outlets for trade please quite low prices for household appliances and small electronics. The most visited shopping centers are such as:


"Terminal 21." - a glass-enclosed air complex resembling a huge fantasy airport. Each floor is named after a major city in the world. There are more than 600 stores, as well as various entertainment complexes.

"Support." - the oldest shopping mall in Bangkok. Established in 1976. It contains stores supported by the national government. Created mainly for merchants who develop craftsmanship. On sale are handmade products made from natural materials.

"Gayson." - an elite mall made of white marble. At night it is transformed into a fairy palace, illuminated from outside. Here, elite expensive goods are available for sale. Each customer is entitled to an individual consultant.

"Siam Paragon." - an eight-story shopping mall where expensive Thai stores are concentrated. The shopping building itself was built in the high-tech style, and, even an ordinary tour there will be a great pleasure.

"Central World Plaza." - a shopping mall with a large cluster of over 300 stores, a huge movie theater, several restaurants, and entertainment venues.

"MBK." - a chic shopping mall with about 2.5 thousand stores. It has earned the respect of visitors who come to shop because of the variety of goods and the rather low prices of all goods.

"Siam Square." - the oldest shopping center. In addition to the stores, there are entertainment venues.


"Tesco Lotus. Tourists will be offered branded clothing and footwear, cosmetics from leading manufacturers, modern appliances, souvenirs and a variety of small things.

"Central Festival." - It has many retail stalls and a couple of cozy restaurants.

"Jungceylon." - sports paraphernalia are sold here.


"Mike Shopping Mall." - the largest shopping mall in the entire city.

"Central Festival." - It sells everything from fresh produce to home appliances.

"Outlet Mall." - Center, where you can buy quality brand clothing at good discounts.


"Tesco Lotus. - The city of Phuket is not much different from its Phuket counterpart.

"Krabi Night Plaza" - A huge shopping mall in Krabi. It has a good reputation and is popular among visitors. It offers a wide variety of goods.

Chiang Mai

"Kad Suan Kaew" - a five-story shopping center. Inside it there are boutiques, all kinds of stores, cinemas, karaoke, a restaurant courtyard, and a hotel. There is a fairly wide range of goods at affordable prices.

"Central Airport Plaza." - A four-story building. It is located near the airport and there is no shortage of visitors. The selection of goods is also widely available.


"Chatuchak Weekend Market - market, which is open on weekends. In terms of its area is so huge that you can get lost, so, experienced tourists recommend buying a map. Prices are quite low: denim pants can be purchased from 5 $, shoes on sale from 6 $, costume jewelry and various jewelry from 0.50 $.

"Lumpini Night Bazaar prices are lower than the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It also has the advantage of being open all week, excluding Mondays. Pratunam is slightly smaller in size than the two above, but it is also considered one of the largest markets in Bangkok.

"Kaosan Road." - There are various little things for sale here. You can also get a cheap snack.


"Phuket Chatuchak" - the largest market on the island. It is open only on weekends. Its fame came from pirated counterfeit CDs.

"Market Expo." - Phuket's daily market, where you can buy clothing and accessories for every taste.

"Downtown Market. - This market has a second name - "fruit market".

"Weekend Market - is built relatively recently. It is located on the outskirts and is open on weekends.


"Thepprasit Weekend Market - the most visited place by tourists. Here you will find everything from souvenirs to good clothing for all tastes and colors.

"Jomtien Night Market - A great place for everyday shopping. Everything is for sale. Prices for food range from 0.30 $ and for clothing and household goods from 2 $.

"Patanakor Market - This market mainly sells ready-made food. Thai delicacies are represented, with prices ranging from 1 $.

"Naklua Sunday." - market, which is open on Sundays. Visitors will enjoy a huge assortment of different goods.

In Krabi there is a market where you can meet only Thais - "Krabi Night Market". Here you can choose from a wide range of ready-made food, clothing and household items. In Chiang Mai, "Wualai Walking Street" is a huge market, open at night, with a wide range.

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