Where shall we go on vacation in December?

December is a great time to relax! And don't think that you are disastrously unlucky with your vacation at the end of the year. Let's consider several options.

1. Low budget option.

Since many Russians are planning a vacation at the end of December - the beginning of January, in order to spend the New Year holidays with benefit, you can take advantage of discounts for vacations at the very beginning of December in Bali, Goa, Thailand, Egypt, and other destinations for a beach holiday. But these tourist destinations are limited - discounts are possible only where you can get on a charter flight.

2. High season.

December is the best season for a beach holiday in the Indian Ocean, so the whole of Indochina is at your disposal.

This is luxurious India, with the Ayurvedic resorts of Kerala and the famous beaches of Goa, this is exotic Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, this is colorful Cambodia, amazing Laos.

December is also good for the possibility of combining beach and sightseeing holidays. There are many combo tours offered this season.

For example, while relaxing in the resort of the island of Langkawi, in Malaysia, you can do shopping in Kuala Lumpur, as well as admire the picturesque parks of the island of Borneo. Using the Golden Triangle + Goa tour, you will not only enjoy an excellent tan, but also get a lot of positive impressions from contemplating the luxury of palaces and the magnificence of temples. For lovers of the warm sea, we can also recommend the Seychelles, Maldives, Sri Lanka.

3. Something new.

If you were planning to visit Bangladesh, southern Pakistan, Ethiopia, the Arabian Peninsula, Latin America, South Africa, you will not find a better time. Because at other times it is either too humid or too hot and in any case uncomfortable.

4. From snow to snow.

Where shall we go on vacation in December? If you do not want a sharp change in climate, and skiing Europe is no longer attractive, try discovering Kamchatka. Taking a cold dip in a natural hot spring, dog sledding or walrus watching, snowmobiling to the snow-capped volcano peak and downhill skiing – isn’t it the best vacation? Perhaps this is the most unusual choice of winter holidays, but not the only alternative to European ski resorts.

South Korea will provide the opportunity to ski, swim, scuba dive or snorkel. True, the snow is mostly bulk. But in Iran, on the slopes of Elbrus, there is real snow, and Tehran is not far away with amazing palaces and magnificent mosques.

Pay attention to Lebanon, where the Mediterranean Sea is an hour's drive from the ski resorts. The water temperature in December is plus 20, swimming will not be comfortable, but you can walk along the promenade, see the sights, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, which is very good after skiing.

In the end, go where you have long dreamed of, regardless of the time of year and weather, and have a good rest!

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