Precautions in Egypt

Egyptian resorts are one of the most popular among Russian tourists. They attract year-round beach season, excellent diving in the Red Sea and the ancient monuments, famous all over the world. During the holidays, do not forget that in this country - a special climate, its own culture, traditions, living conditions and laws, the failure of which can spoil the Family vacations in Egypt. Therefore, it is important to take precautions.

1. The most important thing is to watch your hygiene. It is strictly forbidden to drink tap water: it contains large amounts of E. coli. In all public places in Egypt are ads that call not to drink raw water, do not brush your teeth with it - stick to these recommendations, so as not to spoil the family vacation in Egypt. Fruits and vegetables should also be washed with running water.

2. To protect your valuables and money, you should keep them in safes, which are available in almost all hotels. They are located at the reception desk and can be used free of charge.

Precautions in Egypt 3. Before traveling to Egypt, it is important to know that in tourist cities there are beggars on the streets, who extort money from travelers. Their activity is prohibited by law. The easiest and non-conflict way to get rid of an intrusive beggar is to ignore him.

4. Before traveling, it is advisable to get vaccinated against hepatitis A and malaria, the most common diseases in Egypt.

5. You should not swim in the Nile: you can get bilharziosis.

6. 6. When vacationing at the beach, it is important to use creams and remember to wear a hat. To avoid dehydration and sunstroke, you should drink more fluids.

7. Choosing a family vacation in Egypt, it is not recommended to use the services of local tourist bases: you can become a victim of fraud.

8. In Egypt, it is forbidden to tear coral and hunt underwater with a harpoon gun. There is a large fine for violators, and in extreme cases, deportation from the country.

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