Nile voyage: a cruise on the Nile

The Nile cruise is a wonderful vacation on the banks of one of the cleanest rivers of our time. It is a breathtaking cruise, exploring the ancient country, following the origins of the great river and absorbing in passing the peculiarities of the oldest civilizations.

Nile Cruise Prices The most important and accessible are Aswan and the Aswan Dam, Luxor and Cairo, Edfa and Kom - Ombo, ancient temples and the Valley of the Kings, the great pyramids and the Sphinx, hookah and belly dancing, papyrus-making and mummification secrets disclosure.

Nile voyage: a cruise on the Nile The small town of Kom-Ombo deserves special attention. It is located only half a hundred kilometers from Aswan, this settlement was founded before Christ on the way of caravans carrying gold from Nubia. Here is a unique double temple, the construction of which took more than four hundred years. Its right half is dedicated to Sebek, the god with the head of a crocodile, who provided fertility, and the left half to the god Horus, depicted as a falcon bird, whose job was to protect the Egyptians from spoilage and various troubles. Near the temple there is an elaborate network of pools and wells, in which the ancient Egyptians raised the crocodiles they revered.

This tour along the Nile, the prices of which you can find out from any tour operator, can show some of the sights of Egypt, which can not be seen from the land, as well as to reveal certain mysteries.

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