What tourists should be wary of during a vacation in Egypt

What tourists should be wary of during a vacation in Egypt
Russians annually buy thousands of trips to Egypt. This resort region enjoys wide popularity, even despite the tense political situation. People expect from the trip an immersion in the history of ancient mysterious civilizations, as well as in the rays of the bright sun and the waters of the warm Red Sea.

However, in every country with a large flow of tourists has its pitfalls, and the country of the pharaohs is no exception. Therefore, every tourist should know what to watch out for and how to behave in certain situations to be safe.

Natural Hazards of Egypt

The sun's rays in this hot country often cause burns and heatstroke to tourists who neglect to wear headgear and use protective cream. The air in Egypt is unaccustomedly dry, so it can be difficult to recognize skin burns or overheating. Shoulders, legs and neck should always be covered from the scorching sun, and if you feel sick, you should immediately go to a shady area and, if necessary, call a doctor.

The hot Egyptian climate often negates the sanitary conditions, so you should refrain from eating dishes with mayonnaise and dairy products, as well as raw egg cocktails, various cold snacks and salads. Egyptian cuisine is extravagant, so tasting dishes and ingredients you do not know at all should be approached with caution. If you notice signs of poisoning, it is desirable to exclude alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods from your diet and seek help from a specialist.

The Red Sea is dangerous with its sharp coral reefs, so do not touch them under any circumstances. Of the dangerous inhabitants even at shallow depths can meet stingrays, poisonous fish, moray eels and sea urchins, which should be avoided. If there is a desire to dive, it is worthwhile to use quality equipment and hire a qualified instructor to ensure their own safety while exploring the underwater world.

The Social Dangers of Egypt

Over the past 5 years in this country have become more frequent political uprisings and mass armed attacks. Although there have been no recorded cases of foreign tourists suffering from local riots, you should protect yourself by choosing a city far from the center of Egypt - Hurghada, El Gouna, Safaga would be the best choice. Cairo is often turbulent. In a dangerous situation in the city, tourists should immediately contact the Russian embassy or a guide to ensure their own safety.

In Egypt, there are often recorded cases of fraud. The most common scheme, which should be known to the tourist, is as follows: visitors are offered a ride on a camel for a certain price, but after the ride on the smart animal will turn out that it understands only the commands of the owner, and to get off him, you have to pay a little more money.

In addition, in Egypt, it is necessary to comply with the special dress code. Within their hotel tourists can dress at their discretion, and before going out into the city should cover the shoulders, back, legs and chest. Going out in a swimsuit and sunbathing topless is not allowed.

 During a vacation in Egypt, each tourist should take into account the following cautions:

1. In a Muslim country it is forbidden to go out intoxicated.

2. 2. When dealing with locals, you should show respect and look your interlocutor in the eye, which is a sign of respect in the Arab world.

Egyptian mosque

3. In Muslim countries it is forbidden to stare at local women, let alone touch them. The latter can lead to a scandal and a call to the police.

4. The resort photo should not depict local residents (without their permission), as well as mosques, police and government offices.

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